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If you want to find out how to get quality and cheap veneers in Turkey, read this article. We will help you to learn all the important information about this dental method. This will help you to be sure that this treatment is suitable for your smile. You will find interesting facts about dental veneers in Turkey. Read our article to know why Turkey is a perfect place for getting dental care.

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The cost of Veneers

Our Dentatur clinic provides a huge selection of cheap veneers in Turkey. You can choose the material, colour, technique of placement, and number of shells. All these factors affect the cost of dental veneer treatment. We can offer you budget and more expensive veneers, according to your wishes. Moreover, our dentists will help you to choose the most suitable option for you considering your cavity health.



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The dental veneer cost is very affordable in Turkey. This factor is the reason why people from other countries want to get dental treatment in our clinics. A reasonable price will allow them to save money. As a result, our patients can afford to correct the entire mouth with a full set of dental veneers. This method helps people to treat all their teeth in just a week and get the perfect smile for a long time. You will be able to forget about visiting treatment of your teeth for 15-20 years, thanks to the full mouth restoration with veneers.

Well, how much do dental veneers cost in Turkey? The answer to this question depends on several factors. To inform you about the exact cost of the veneer treatment, the doctor will ask you about your wishes and will check the condition of your oral cavity. This dental method can include teeth treatment that is necessary if they have small decay or damage. If you want to find out the price for every type of veneer in our Dentatur, you can see our price list . On average, prices for this treatment range from £ 200 to £ 345 . You will get not only quality smile correction, but also a comfortable treatment experience in our Dentatur clinic.

Veneers spesificationsSubstanceLight permeability and NaturalnessLife timeComputer designHand madeBaseAdded porcelainWithout porcelain or anatomicalDENTATUR PRICEUK PRICE
Zirconia based porcelain veneer✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Zirconia160₤550₤
E max laminate veneer✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓E-max200₤750₤
Empress laminate veneer✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Empress200₤750₤
Veneers spesificationsDENTATUR PRICEUK PRICE
Zirconia based porcelain veneer160₤550₤
E max laminate veneer200₤750₤
Empress laminate veneer200₤750₤

How Much Does a Full Set of Veneers Cost?

Let us tell you what a full set of veneers is and who needs this dental treatment. Well, this option is very popular in our clinic today. This is because it allows patients to get a Hollywood smile in the short term without any additional effort. This treatment is painless and allows people to return to normal life immediately after the procedure. You can get a set of veneers to cover all visible teeth with a full set of veneers. Our clinic offers special veneer packages that provide getting 6, 8, 12, or 16 dental shells for smile correction. As a result, all your teeth will look the same and harmonious with each other. Your smile will look perfect, thanks to this.

Furthermore, the packages include such options:

You will be able to get a full dental treatment with all necessary procedures and materials at a reasonable price with dental veneer packages . In addition, you will correct a full smile. An approximate price for a full set of dental veneers is £ 1600 – £ 4100. Dental veneer cost in Turkey is 50-70% lower than in the UK and USA. So, the residents of this country can visit our clinic to have their smiles corrected for an affordable price.

Dental Veneers that Clinics in Turkey offer

What are Dental Veneers?

Some people notice small imperfections on their teeth. These can be a yellow shade or small stains. Also, it can be minor damage or cracks. Your teeth can suffer from discolouring over time. All these dental problems our dentist can solve with veneers. Moreover, you can correct teeth that are crooked. Therefore, veneer treatment can help you cover a lot of imperfections that worsen your smile.

Dental veneers look like thin white shells that have the form of the teeth surface. They can be made of Porcelain or Zirconia. Both of these materials allow you to get durable and aesthetic veneers. Such shells will serve you for 10-15 years. That is why this dental method is a reliable solution for long-term smile correction.

Before placing veneers the dentist must prepare your oral cavity. First of all, they will check your oral health with an X-ray. They should be sure that your teeth are suitable for veneers. Also, veneer treatment can involve tooth abrasion. This procedure can be necessary to make the place for shells. The clinic laboratory will make veneers in just 3-5 days. This allows our doctors to cover your teeth in just a week.

Types of Dental Veneers in Turkey

Our Dentatur clinic offers several types of cheap Turkey teeth. You will be able to correct your smile with such types of dental veneers in Turkey  as E-max, Empress, Lumineer and Zirconia. These dental shells are known as durable and long-lasting veneers that will cover all tooth imperfections. We want to tell you more about every type of dental veneer and inform you about its features. We hope this will make your choice easier.

Zirconia veneers

zirconia veneers

Zirconia veneers are one of the most prevalent types of shells in Turkey that got their popularity thanks to their durability. This feature is their leading advantage. Moreover, owners of Zirconia veneers are satisfied with the beautiful shell appearance that is still the same for 15-20 years. Zirconia is a durable material that can withstand huge pressures. That is why you can be sure of Zirconia veneer reliability. This type of veneer is the best option for the correction of front teeth. This is because you will get a natural-looking smile with snow-white and charming visible teeth.

Empress veneers

empress veneers

If you are looking for quality and cheap veneers in Turkey, Empress shells are the best option for you. This type of Porcelain veneer is prevalent among our patients because of the long-lasting serving that they provide due to the ceramic base. This material is very durable and makes this type of veneer suitable for front and back teeth. The top glass layer makes the veneers shine and be transparent. That is why they are good variants for patients who want to get durable and attractive dental veneers at the same time. You will be able to wear this type of shell for 10 years

E-max veneers

e-max veneers

E-max veneers are a type of Porcelain shell. They are known as reliable and long-lasting veneers. This variant is also popular among patients thanks to the perfect smile restoration that it provides. Owners of E-max veneers are happy to have the opportunity to wear shells for 10-15 years. Moreover, their smiles have an aesthetic and attractive appearance. The main advantage of E-max shells is their form. They are very thin and light. Thanks to this, dentists can perform comfortable and natural feeling result. You will not feel any discomfort after getting the treatment.

Lumineer veneers


Lumineers are also known as dental veneers that do not need teeth preparation. Let us explain to you what it means. Well, Lumineer placement includes the same step of treatment as another type of veneer. The dentist will must check your oral health and prepare your cavity for the procedure. They will clean your teeth and take the measurements for the shells. However, they will not abrase the tooth surface. This is because Lumineers are very thin. This benefit allows dentists to place veneers without this step of procedure. You will be able to wear Lumineers for 5-15 years.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Veneers

Advantages of dental veneer treatments

  • veneers are a unique dental method for covering teeth imperfections;
  • you can forget about yellow and damaged teeth in just a week;
  • patients get charming smiles for 10-20 years;
  • veneers are the best choice for people who dream about a Hollywood smile;
  • this is a painless dental method;
  • veneers treatment does not provide a long recovery period;
  • you will not need to change your daily routine after getting dental shells.

Disadvantages of dental veneer treatment

  • you will not be able to try veneers on your teeth before getting the treatment;
  • you will not be able to remove the veneers and walk with bare teeth after receiving this procedure;
  • this dental method is not suitable for patients with intensive tooth sensitivity.

What Affects the Price for Veneers?

A dental trip is a popular method that will allow you to get the cheapest veneers in Turkey. People often wonder what affects the price of veneers. Thus, we want to tell you about the main reason for affordable dentistry in Turkey. First of all, we want to inform you about such factors as the cost of living. This is the main reason for the difference in treatment prices in different countries. The cost of living in Turkey is lower than in the UK and USA. Thanks to this, dentistry in Turkey is also more affordable. The difference in the prices for dental treatment is the reason why people from other countries visit Turkish clinics. This allows them to save money.

Also, you can choose veneer treatment according to your budget in Turkey. There are several factors that affect the price of this procedure. You can get a more affordable variant of this treatment and reduce the final cost. First of all, the price of veneers depends on the material. You can get a type of veneers that will suit your budget. Moreover, the cost will depend on the number of shells. Our dentist can advise you to correct only visible teeth. Thanks to this, you will get an excellent smile at an affordable price. Well, our dentist will not only provide quality veneer treatment, but also will help you to choose the most suitable option for you.

Why Dental Veneers in Turkey?

Dentistry in Turkey has a number of benefits. These are the reasons why people visit this country if they plan to treat their smile. Firstly, you will be able to get the most popular treatments in a Turkish clinic. Each patient will be able to solve their problem and will leave the clinic with perfect results. Moreover, dentistry in Turkey has been popular for several years. Our patients trust our dentistry and choose it for a long time. Today, we want to tell you more about the main advantages of smile treatment in Turkey to explain to you why this country is an excellent place for getting veneers.

The veneers that you will get in our Dentatur dental clinic  will be high-quality. The main reason for this is the best material that our dentists use for treatment. All types of our veneers are quality and reliable. As a result, they will serve patients for a long time. So, you can get the best veneer treatment in our clinic to correct your smile and be sure of the perfect final result.

Another reason why it is better to prefer veneer treatment in Turkey is the very quick result. Our dentists correct patients’ smiles with veneers in just a week. Extensive practice allows them to provide treatments. They know how to make an excellent smile in a minimal time. This allows busy patients to save time. Moreover, our doctors can recommend you type of veneer that does not involve tooth preparation. This will allow the doctor to reduce the duration of the treatment.   

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