Dental tourism in Turkey

Going to the dental clinic is frequently put off for various reasons, one of which is the challenge of finding the best place for teeth in Turkey and a dental specialist you can entrust with your dental health.

Dental health is crucial for a person’s overall health as well as for their appearance and the development of their self-confidence. As a result, this problem requires special attention in order to avoid aggravating the current ones.

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You are Our Priority at Dentatur Dental Centre

Any patient who is looking for a dental practice and a dentist they can place trust in to cure their issue quickly, safely, and painlessly should pay attention to these factors:

  • the friendliness of the clinic staff and willingness to fully devote themselves to solving the dental issue;
  • cleanliness and sterility: Turkish doctor puts on clean gloves, the dental clinic chair is cleaned after the previous patient, and all equipment is sterilised;
  • comfort – knowing that there won’t be any pain or discomfort during dental treatment;
  • a complete solution of the problem: if necessary, dentists will diagnose and carry out all necessary operations, i.e., our dental clinic will provide required dentists with a range of specialities and the necessary tools;
  • professionalism: Dentatur dental clinic employs only licensed specialists.


Smile Transformation Before and After

What Standards Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing the Best Place for Teeth in Turkey?

How to choose a dental clinic? Online reviews are a very common search method today, especially if they are actual people’s live reviews. However, patient reviews are not always impartial. For instance, the patient puts a finger on his dentist when he was unable to follow the doctor’s advice, which led to difficulties after the procedure. The ideal course of action is to create your own assessment of the expert.

Note the following during your dental consultation in Turkey:

  • whether you were required to complete a health questionnaire prior to your appointment so that the doctor could review it;
  • whether the doctor asked you questions and conducted a survey before the examination to get a full picture of your dental situation;
  • whether he performed diagnostics (a targeted dental X-ray or CT scan) before the treatment;
  • whether he examined the entire oral cavity or just the one diseased tooth you showed him;
  • if the professional focused on treating the issue at hand or started imposing more pricey procedures, hygiene aids, and other dental care services.

Treatments that clinics in Turkey offer

How to choose the Best Place to Get Teeth Done in Turkey?

Important criteria for picking a dental clinic:

1. A variety of dental services.

Frequently, oral disorders and dental issues are closely related, so multiple specialists may need to be consulted and involved in the treatment at the same time (dentist-therapist, orthopaedic surgeon, periodontist). Only if dentistry offers all forms of dental services, you can rely on a full-fledged comprehensive treatment (treatment of gums, root canal treatment and filling, professional oral hygiene, dental prosthetics, dental implantation, etc.).

2. Modern dental technologies.

Modern dentistry is actively introducing cutting-edge, digital technologies that can raise the standard and efficacy of care. If the dentistry you’ve chosen has access to and successfully employs new technologies in its work (dental microscope, computer anaesthesia, computed tomography, A-PRF, etc.), then specialists can conduct a thorough examination here if necessary, and they have the knowledge and skills to carry out a high-quality treatment.

3. Experience and professionalism.

A dentist’s credentials and prior professional experience are crucial. It is also crucial how long these professionals have been employed by this clinic and, consequently, as a part of the same team. A well-coordinated team of professionals will take care of you if the staff stays the same for two or more years.

4. Compliance to hygienic standards.

The highest requirements for cleanliness and sterility are made in the medical industry, which includes the dental practice. They are concerned about the organization and cleanliness of the clinics and even the hallways of the institution, in addition to adherence to the regulations for the sterilization, disinfection, and storage of dental tools. These standards include the use of disposable shoes for dental workers and patients, wearingsterile gloves, cleaning the clinic (including disinfecting the dentist chair and other surfaces touched by patients), and more. When visiting a dentist, these details should also be taken into consideration.

5. Each patient's medical record.

The dental clinic should carry the patient’s medical record, whether you are a frequent patient or this is a one-time appointment. It lists the chronic diseases, details regarding allergies, and anaesthetic medication. The doctor fills in this card with the conclusions of the diagnosis and information on the interventions made. If the patient visits a dentist again in the future, the specialist can get ready for the appointment and review the patient’s medical record.

6. Involving the patient in the dental treatment process.

The fear of the dental chair and dental procedures is often a fear of the unknowable. The doctor’s job is to simply and clearly describe the state of the patient’s oral cavity, all the possible solutions, their benefits and drawbacks, and the specifics of the recommended course of treatment. The best treatment is first selected with the participation of the patient. Secondly, a person is less fearful if he knows what will happen to him in the dental chair.

7. Guarantee for Dental Treatment in Turkey.

If a dental clinic offers guarantees its work, this means that the dentist is personally liable to the patient for the restoration, prosthesis installation, and other services, and is willing to repair any errors in his work without charging for the correction.

Are you looking for a reputable professional to take care of your dental needs but don’t know how to choose a dental clinic in Turkey? If you decide to undergo treatment at the Dentatur dental clinic, you will undoubtedly enjoy the high level of professionalism of our doctors. We also promise you a high-quality, safe, painless, and successful dental procedure in Turkey.

Popular Dental Treatments at the Dentatur Clinic in Turkey

Dental Veneers in Turkey

Dental Veneers are specialised coverings with a thickness of 0.2 mm or more which are made of ceramics and other materials and installed on the vestibular side of the tooth (on the lip side) to improve its appearance. Veneers also make teeth dense, improve their appearance and provide reliable protection against mechanical and other harm. Dental veneers are frequently used in order to hide fractures and other imperfections without negatively impacting the enamel.

If there are any of the following problems, you should consider getting veneers at the Dentatur dental clinic:

Consultation and Examination dental veneers

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implants in Turkey

A dental prosthesis, called a dental implant, consists of a root and a dental crown. In place of the lost tooth, the root is inserted into the bone and is covered with a dental crown. It has a titanium alloy base that quickly embeds into the bone. It looks like a screw from the outside, with rough edges that are screwed into the implant site.

Modern prostheses are made of the alloys that take root quickly and do not cause allergies. Exceptions could be caused by a person’s intolerance. The dental prosthesis can last a very long period because titanium is very durable. Furthermore, it can withstands the load and works well with human tissues.

Types of implantation that we provide

The Primary Benefits of Dental Implants at Dentatur

Numerous issues, including those associated with eating, are resolved by the implant, which also performs a cosmetic purpose.

Main benefits:

  • artificial teeth resemble natural ones;
  • it is almost impossible to distinguish implants from your natural teeth.

Among the physiological benefits are the following:

  • having the option to replace any number of teeth in the dentition;
  • grinding the teeth next to it is not necessary;
  • the implant may serve as the basis for a removable prosthesis.

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