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It is quite common for people to lose the integrity of their teeth due to improper treatment, birth defects or trauma. The loss of even one tooth can lead to the inability to eat normally, speak clearly and other negative consequences. For this reason, doctors recommend not delaying a visit to the clinic to restore the appearance and functionality of your teeth. The best dental implants in Turkey can help make your smile perfect and get your stamina back after eating your favourite foods.

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Where Can I Get the Best Turkish Dental Implants?

The Dentatur dental clinic is a modern dentistry with new equipment from leading brands. Thanks to this, as well as the involvement of the best dentists in Turkey for implants of various specialisations, you can undergo a complete diagnosis in the clinic and receive treatment of any complexity. 

Advantages of best teeth implants Turkey in the Dentatur dental clinic:


All on 4 dental implants procedure before and after

Dental Implants that Clinics in Turkey offer

What are the Benefits of the Best Teeth Implants in Turkey?

After tooth extraction, bone loss begins after six months. In the absence of constant pressure (load), it is resorbed. Experts agree that dental implants are considered the only structure capable of even load tissue. Wearing removable dentures and bridges does not stop the process.

Dental implants restore the bone system because the root and the apex of the tooth must be replaced. The structures promote proper nutrition of the bone tissue cells, that adapt to permanent stresses. If the bone is not exposed enough, the tissue weakens, resorbs, and shrinks in size. The higher the load, the denser and larger the bone mass. Therefore, when dental prostheses are placed by the best implant dentist in Turkey, bone mass increases.

best dental implants turkey

Implants are made of bioinert materials that are safe for the body, so they do not cause any harm. And due to their ability to regenerate bone tissue, they are only beneficial.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of the best Turkish dental implants at the Dentatur clinic.


Reconstruction of the Tooth in Its Natural State

The dental implants are fitted with metal-free ceramic crowns, which are custom-made. They cannot be distinguished by colour or shape. Due to the nature of their construction, traditional restorations are visible when the person speaks or smiles. Dental implants are a better choice for the smile zone.

Prevention of Bone Atrophy

The dental implant design is close to the shape of a real tooth – it has a root that keeps tissue from losing volume. Prostheses give chewing pressure from inside the bone, just like the natural tooth, so the bone is not stressed and atrophied.

Preservation of the Gum Shape

It is important not only to fit the crown and make it look like a natural tooth, but also to take care of the gums. In the case of dental implants, a guide is placed in the bone for a fortnight before the restoration to ensure an even gum line and aesthetic appearance of the gums. Bridges and partial dentures cannot recreate the natural contours of soft tissues.

There are No Restrictions on Eating

Implants do not differ from the natural tooth, fully restore chewing function, and are compatible with all foods. With standard dentures, hard meat is a “sinking ship”. In addition, when a bridge or partial denture is fitted, the load is transferred to the supporting dental units, increasing the pressure on them.

Implants Do Not Require Treatment of Healthy Teeth

In order to place a standard dental bridge, even healthy teeth adjacent to the defect are pulped and grinded down. This is done to avoid inflammation of the abutment teeth. If inflammation occurs under the restoration, the prosthetic restoration must be removed, the supporting appliance retreated and the restoration reattached. This is not necessary for dental implants in Turkey.

Unlimited Life Span

Quality dental prostheses at the Dentatur clinic in Turkey will last a lifetime. The dental crown must be renewed, but not more often than once every 10 years. Other prostheses are renewed more frequently. Bridge and clasp dentures – every 5-8 years, each time by shaving healthy teeth. Removable dentures: every year, since the shape of the jaw changes with bone atrophy and the restoration must be adjusted each time.

Restoration And Maintenance of a Healthy Smile

Orthopaedic appliances that are placed on natural teeth gradually destroy them. Restored 1 unit destroys 2 adjacent units. This leads to adentia and a removable jaw. The advantage of dental implants in Turkey is that the lost tooth is restored without negative impact on the neighbouring teeth, keeping the smile healthy and beautiful.

Easy Care and Natural Feeling

Dental implants in Turkey do not require complex care. They can be cleaned as usual and are not prone to cavities and other diseases. Attention should be paid to the necks of artificial roots – use an irrigator. Prostheses do not feel like foreign bodies in the mouth, they do not cause discomfort or problems while chewing. No food particles get clogged under the prostheses, which with standard dentures leads to bacterial growth and inflammation.

What Types of Dental Implants are Available?

Prostheses differ in the way they are inserted into the bone and the shape of the product itself. The main types of dental implants used most often:

dental implants in turkey

The best implant dentist in Turkey can help you choose the right and best type of dental implants for you. Contact the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey for a consultation and a smile makeover. There are all kinds of treatments available, dental implants from different manufacturers, and from all kinds of materials. Every patient will be satisfied with the results of treatment at the dental clinic in Turkey. Your teeth will look like a million dollars.

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