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The best dental clinic in Turkey will offer you a Hollywood smile at a low cost in a short time. All our dentists are professionals with appropriate knowledge in the dental area and extensive experience. That is why Dentatur clinic guarantees comfort and high-quality results for you. Let us correct your smile and make it perfect together! 









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Prices for dental treatment in Turkey

Dental implants£300 – £750 per tooth

Dental veneers£200 – £245 per tooth

Composite bonding – cost varies from €100 to €200 per tooth

Dental crowns£100 – £245 per tooth

Inlay and Onlay – £200 per tooth

The price is the major reason why people choose dental treatment in Turkey. The dentists offer their work at a lower cost. However, it does not affect its quality. That is why you can get perfect teeth at a lower cost in Antalya compared to other countries. We have prepared the list of approximate prices for treatment, which the best dental clinic offers in Turkey.

Before and after dental implants


We offer high-quality dental treatments for correcting your smile. We also use only branded dental materials and products. That is why a low cost does not affect the result that you will get. Let us talk about the most popular treatments which the best dental clinic in Turkey can  provide for you.

Dental implants

Dental implants in Antalya for patients who need to replace missed teeth. It involves placing titanium screws into the jawbone. They will perform the tooth root. In the end phase of treatment, the dentist covers them with crowns or full dentures. You will get natural-looking teeth with a good chewing function. The timescale of this method is 1-2 weeks.

Dental veneers

This method is suitable for you if you want to correct your teeth quickly. It is a solution for yellow and jagged teeth that lose their authentic appearance. This method involves covering the front side of the tooth with a thin prosthetic device. The material from which dental veneers are made will give a natural look for them. The timescale of this dental method is 2-3 days.

Composite bonding

This method is for patients who need to correct loss of color and form teeth. It involves using composite resin. It is necessary to make a new form and view of the teeth. Composite bonding does not need any abrasion of the tooth. That is why it allows saving their natural structure. It is one of the quickest procedures of dental treatment. The timescale of this method is 1 day. 

Dental crowns

Dental crowns in Antalya are suitable for patients who want to cover demanded, misshape or yellow teeth. It involves abrasion and covering the tooth. You will get as similar as possible to natural teeth crowns. That is why it is an excellent way to correct your smile. You can choose between Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown, Porcelain Fused to Zirconia Crowns, Full Ceramic Crowns, Full Metal Crowns. The timescale of this method is 1-2 days.

Onlay and Inlay Fillings

This method is for patients who need to correct the tooth that loses much natural material. It involves using porcelain ceramic fillings for treatment. It will allow you to save your teeth for a long-term period. Onlay fillings provide restoration of the upper surface of the tooth. Inlay fillings provide an area restoration of the inner part of the tooth. The timescale of this method is 1 day.

Smile makeover

We offer an extensive choice of dental treatments for a smile makeover in Antalya. All of them help to correct the view of your teeth. You will be able to consult with the dentist and choose one of them for you. So, if you have any problems with your teeth, this dental method is an excellent solution for you. The timescale of it is – 5 days. 

The reasons to choose a dental clinic in Turkey

Our clinic is located in breathtaking Antalya city. It is a tourist city with magnificent landscapes. You will be able to visit famous places in our country. That is why your treatment can transform into a holiday in Turkey. However, landscapes are not the only benefit that you will get by visiting us. Our clinic cares about the comfort of clients. We also use modern equipment and technologies to make your treatment more pleasant and painless.  Let us talk about more reasons to choose the best dental clinic in Turkey

Happy patient after treatment
  • Clinics

    We try to make your treatment experience unforgettable and your visit to our clinics in Turkey as much as possible with comfortable. That is why our staff will help you with organization questions and inform you about all details. Also, you do not need to worry about complications during communication because our staff in Antalya is English speaking. You will not have to wait for your consultation after arriving at the clinic. We respect your schedule. That is why we care about your comfort and try to help you as soon as possible. Additionally, we will offer tea or coffee. It will help you to relax after a long-term trip.

  • Dentists

    Our dentists are qualified specialists and they are able to do dental surgeon procedures. All of them improve their knowledge by visiting dental practices. That is why our dentists can undertake the latest dental technologies. It makes treatment painless and allows to avoid potential complications. Our dentists have extensive experience in cosmetic dental procedures. That is why we can offer you different types of treatments. Reputation is significant for dentists in Turkey. That is why they follow EU-supported standards. Additionally, they are members of the Turkish Dental Association.

  • Technologies

    We use new dental technologies and equipment in our dental clinic. That is why you can be sure of the quality of treatment. We also offer X-Ray and 3D tomography for a detailed examination of your teeth. It also helps to create a treatment plan and avoid any complications during the procedures.

  • Dental phobia helps

    Many people dislike visiting the dental clinic. The reason is fear of pain and discomfort during dental procedures. That is why our staff can also deal with this phobia. They will inform you about all details before they will start the treatment. The dentist will offer you anesthesia to eliminate the unpleasant feelings. Also, walking among the beautiful landscape in Turkey helps to relax and get rid of your phobia.

  • Travel arrangement help

    Our clinic provides travel arrangement help for our patients. Therefore, if you need some pieces of advice, you can contact our coordinator. We offer aid with booking tickets and finding accommodation. Our company also allows getting a hotel at a lower price due to affiliating with tourist services. Additionally, our travel arrangement help is free. That is why if it will be your first dental trip to Turkey, you can consult with our coordinator. Our company will care about your comfort during the visit.

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