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Soft dental plaque that remains on the teeth for a long time gets mineralized and cannot be removed by an ordinary toothbrush, dental floss, or any other oral home-care product.

When you visit the dentist to undergo teeth cleaning, the doctor will, first of all, examine your oral cavity and give a general assessment of its condition (including the teeth, the gums, and the tongue). Only after that, the dentist will perform professional teeth cleaning – remove all dental calculus (pigmentation, plaque, and tartar), polish the teeth, and massage the gums. The final stage of the teeth cleaning is covering the teeth with a special gel or lacquer.

Professional teeth cleaning in DentaTur clinics in Turkey (Antalya, Fethiye, Marmaris, and Istanbul) is performed with the use of several techniques. They include ultrasound scaling, teeth cleaning with special devices, various toothbrushes and toothpastes, etc.

What is professional teeth cleaning needed for?

Correct and regular oral cavity hygiene reduces the risk of dental and gingival disorders for 90 percent. Plaque is considered to be the main factor causing periodontitis, tooth loosening, and tooth loss.

The plaque that has not been duly removed transforms into tartar that encourages the growth of pathogenic microorganisms below the gum line, thus destroying the tissues around the teeth. As a result, the patient suffers bad breath and gingival bleeding and may develop caries and periodontal pockets. The necks of the teeth get exposed, while the teeth themselves become excessively sensible, start loosening, and in the most severe cases may fall out. Besides, the plaque discolours the enamel, making the smile lose its attractiveness.

Personal dental hygiene is not always efficient enough. Once in every six months, the patient should visit a dental hygienist who will perform several manipulations: dental examination, determination of calculus (including the definition of its type and localization), professional teeth cleaning, selection of individual oral care products, and teaching how to use them. The doctor fixes the date of the next appointment individually for each patient, taking into consideration the patient’s dental health.

Sure enough, a single visit to the dentist will help remove plaque and tartar and prevent their formation for a while. Yet, if you wish to forget about such problems forever and protect your teeth and gums from dental diseases, it is necessary to undergo professional teeth cleaning on a regular basis.

Dental plaque

There are numerous toothpastes and lotions but none of them will help you make hard-to-reach places in your oral cavity completely free from the residuals of the food you have eaten during the day. Food components, bacteria, and saliva interact with each other, ensuring the non-stop process of plaque formation which takes place even at night. Hence, it is crucial to clean your teeth both in the morning and in the evening. Smoking and drinking strong coffee and tea, together with incorrect and irregular oral hygiene, make the situation only worse.

Not only does dental plaque of a greyish or yellowish colour deteriorate the appearance of your teeth, but it is also an environment in which bacteria that cause cavities and gingival diseases reproduce with a several times higher speed. At first the plaque is soft and easily removable but due to the contact with saliva, it eventually becomes harder and transforms into dental tartar. Plaque presents a serious threat to the health of your teeth and gums at all stages of its existence.

Dental tartar

Over time dental plaque will keep occupying more and more of the tooth’s surface and will penetrate below the gum line. This causes the gum’s traumatizing and inflammation, making it detach from the tooth crown in the direction of the tooth root until a so-called periodontal pocket appears.

A periodontal pocket is the gap between a tooth and a gum in which bacteria live and reproduce. Microbes penetrate the blood vessels and get disseminated across the body, which increases the risk of cardiovascular and visceral diseases. Besides, this may cause the decay of the tooth root. A periodontal pocket keeps growing and can eventually make the teeth loosen and fall out.

Enamel discolouring

Alteration of the enamel’s colour has certain underlying reasons and does not happen immediately. Every day we drink tea and coffee and eat foods that contain staining agents. This is why over time the colour of our teeth can change. The teeth develop a greyish, yellowish or brownish shade. Smoking is what always leads to enamel discolouring, while bad oral hygiene causes plaque that intensifies the absorption of various staining agents.

Only dentists can give to your teeth their initial colour! Professional cleaning will make the teeth lighter since all the pigmented plaque gets removed, and will also restore the initial shine of your teeth.

How is professional teeth cleaning performed?

Professional teeth cleaning consists of several consecutive manipulations aimed at preventing and treating oral cavity diseases and is conducted in several stages.

1. Comprehensive oral cavity examination

Before proceeding to the teeth cleaning, the dentist thoroughly examines the patient’s oral cavity. This is made by means of contemporary tools that do not scare patients and do not cause unpleasant sensations. Upon the patient’s desire, the doctor can show all the places in which the plaque gets accumulated, on the screen and answer all the related questions.

2. Dental plaque and tartar removal

This procedure is absolutely safe and painless. To prepare the oral cavity, the dentist treats it with antiseptics and, if necessary, introduces a local anaesthetic gel. After that, the doctor removes all dental calculus in two stages.

  • Stage 1 – Ultrasound teeth cleaning. Tooth plaque removal by means of ultrasound is a technique that has proven its efficiency and has earned recognition among patients. The procedure is quite simple. Ultrasound scalers that function with 25,000-30,000Hz frequency create the cavitation effect, enabling the teeth whitening and ensuring the painlessness of the procedure (the device does not touch the teeth nor traumatizes them). However, such a technique has one disadvantage: the scalers are not always able to treat efficiently hard-to-reach places (for example, below the gum line), so this method is usually combined with manual teeth cleaning.
  • Stage 2 – Dental tartar removal by means of the air-powder abrasive system. Such a device removes dental tartar by a flow of fluoridated water mixed with a special powder. This technique helps clean both the visible surface of the teeth and the gaps between the dental units. Besides, the air-powder abrasive system allows performing therapeutic massage of the gums.

3. Tooth enamel polishing

After dental plaque and tartar are removed, the teeth get polished with tiny brushes, rubber cups, and special polishing pastes.

As a result, your teeth become smooth and shiny.

In dental centres belonging to DentaTur chain in Turkey the following tools are used for tooth polishing:

  • Soft rubber cups: hollow, with bumps and bridges. The dental hygienist fixes such cups in the angle handpiece and fills them with special polishing paste (these substances vary in their composition (treatment or prophylactic) and RDA). The rotation speed of rubber cups is 2,000-5,000 cycles per minute, which ensures high-quality polishing, be it in all the pits or beneath the gum line.
  • Bristle brushes: can be hard or soft. Depending on the type, such brushes polish either all the five surfaces of the teeth or interdental spaces and fissures.
  • Dental tapes, flosses, and polishing pastes are ideal for polishing interdental spaces.

4. Fluoridation of the teeth

After the teeth are cleaned and polished, they get covered with a fluoride-containing gel or lacquer. This procedure aims at increasing the strength of the enamel and preventing cavities.

Prices for professional teeth cleaning in DentaTur clinics in Turkey

Dental and gingival disorders are much easier to prevent than to treat. Professional teeth cleaning helps avoid numerous oral cavity issues in the future. DentaTur clinics are staffed with professional dentists who perform teeth cleaning quickly and painlessly. Our dental centres feature the most advanced equipment that helps achieve great results within the shortest possible time.

We achieve high quality of oral hygiene thanks to the use of binocular microscopes. They ensure 3.5x magnification of the working area, which helps visualize even the smallest calculus, and detect periodontal disorders at their early stage.

In complex cases, to eliminate pain, the dental hygienist uses various anaesthetic techniques.

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