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Composite bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure aimed at changing the shade and shape of the teeth by applying special composite materials onto the surface of the original enamel layer. The main goal of composite bonding is to both improve the aesthetics of the smile and to protect natural enamel from possible damage.

Indications for composite bonding

The main purposes of a composite bonding procedure at our DentaTur clinics in Turkey are:

· elimination of unaesthetic gaps between teeth;

· giving the teeth the desired shape and length;

· restoration of cracked and chipped teeth;

· changing of teeth shade not amenable to whitening;

· dental restoration of teeth damaged by caries (composite is used to fill the caries cavities);

· protection of tooth roots exposed due to gum recession;

· decreased tooth sensitivity.

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Composite bonding procedure

Most of the times, cosmetic bonding procedure does not take much time (less than 1 hour to process one tooth) and does not require any preliminary preparation. Besides, most often, this dental procedure associated with applying a composite material on the surface of the restored teeth is carried out with no anaesthesia – it is only required only when the treatment plan involves preparation of the resulting carious cavity.

Teeth bonding procedure consists of several stages:

  • selection of a composite material with the shade that best corresponds to the natural colour of the patient’s tooth enamel;
  • trimming the edges and giving the surface of the enamel layer a slight roughness using a specialized dental tool;
  • etching of the surface layer of the enamel with an acid-containing gel which contributes to the appearance of microscopic bumps on the enamel which will provide perfect adhesion of the composite to the surface of the teeth; treating the tooth with a special conditioning compound that moisturizes the enamel layer and ensures its reliable adhesion to the composite;
  • layering composite material on the teeth; alignment of the contour, giving the crown part the necessary shape;
  • irradiation of teeth with an ultraviolet light; removal of excess composite and grinding of the enamel surface.

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Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

The main advantages of dental bonding are: 

  • simplicity of installation;
  • low time costs for dental restoration (crown restoration requires only one visit to the dental clinic, unless, according to individual indications, the patient does not need to remove nerves or install sealants);
  • no pain during the procedure and no anaesthesia (even people suffering from allergies to anaesthetics can afford dental bonding);
  • opportunity to minimize damage to the natural enamel coating; perfect aesthetic result.

Hygiene rules after composite bonding

Teeth restored with the use of composite bonding do not require special care. At the same time, people who have undergone this procedure are recommended to comply with a number of rules including:

  • provide proper hygienic care for the oral cavity (brush your teeth twice a day and use floss every day);
  • regularly visit your dentist to assess the integrity of the composite coating (at least three times a year);
  • carry out professional cleaning in dentistry once in 6 months;
  • protect restored teeth from temperature changes (do not eat cold dishes immediately after hot ones and vice versa);
  • get rid of bad habits (do not open bottle caps on the mouth, do not crack seeds, nuts, do not bite pencils, hard candies, pens and nails).

The detection of cracks, chips and other damage to the composite layer is a good reason to visit a dental clinic and adjust of bonding pads. Experienced dentists will easily repair a composite coating without the need to remove it.

The cost of composite bonding in DentaTur chain of clinics in Turkey

DentaTur chain of dental clinics employs dentists who can perform the composite bonding. The prices for teeth bonding services at DentaTur clinics in Turkey: 

Bonding – composite veneers – £ 150

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