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All-on-6 dental implants are a high-tech technology which helps restore teeth in case of full adentia. This procedure consists in installing six implants into the jaw with the use of special multi-component abutments and screw-retained fixation. The technique allows eliminating the main obstacle related to dental implantation – bone tissue atrophy – since it does not require preliminary reconstruction of the bone tissue, sinus lift, and other osteoplastic interventions.

Clinics belonging to DentaTur chain in Turkey (Antalya, Istanbul, Fethiye, and Marmaris) offer quality dental implantation based on the all-on-6 protocol. In this article we are going to discuss the main advantages of this technology and how the installation is performed.

Indications to all-on-6 dental implants:

  • Absence of all teeth in the jaw with the symptoms of osseous resorption (decreased bone height due to a smaller chewing load in a certain area of the bone);
  • Impossibility to perform bridgework on the remaining teeth (high degree of dental mobility, abutment destruction) or impracticability of their conservative treatment;
  • Presence of contraindications for  bone tissue reconstruction or the patient’s unwillingness to undergo such a procedure;
  • Certain food preferences of the patient (solid foods which lead to a significant load on the dental prosthesis);
  • Diagnosed periodontitis or parodontosis;
  • Reasonable apprehensions of the doctor towards the stability of the prosthesis in case of using a smaller number of abutments.

What the difference between all-on-4 and all-on-6 methods is?

All-on-6 dental implants are a modification of the all-on-4 implantation technique. Such implants are characterized by a higher reliability thanks to the protocol upgrade and an improved stability of the fixed dental construction.

All-on-6 implants are so far the most advanced teeth restoration technology which is used in case of total tooth loss on the upper and lower jaws. The patient can obtain a fixed prosthesis right on the first day of dental implantation, regaining the opportunity to chew and smile straightaway. Hence, all-on-4 and all-on-6 techniques are two types of one-stage dental restoration with immediate load.

The al-on-6 implantation ensures more even distribution of the load on the fixed prosthesis, which reduces the risk of its rejection and helps avoid atrophic processes in the jaw.

Advantages of all-on-6 implantation in Turkey

Among the strong points of this technology are:

  • Minimal installation period. All-on-6 dental implants allow restoring the whole tooth row within several days. The treatment is delivered by general dentists, and all stages of the treatment are performed in the same room.
  • Immediate load helps to obtain a beautiful smile quickly since all-on-6 implants are installed immediately. 
  • Universality. The all-on-6 system can be used in case of severe periodontitis. An artificial root gets installed deep in the bone tissue where no inflammation processes take place. Moreover, the root can be fixed in the socket right after the corresponding natural tooth is extracted.
  • Low invasiveness. The all-on-6 procedure allows the doctor to select the best implantation area in order to eliminate the risk of perforating the maxillary sinus or damaging the nerve. 
  • Aesthetic appearance. Dental prostheses are made of polymeric materials which make them look attractive. 
  • Functionality. The chewing load can be introduced immediately. Yet, the doctors at DentaTur clinics in Turkey (Antalya, Istanbul, Fethiye, Marmaris) recommend to avoid eating solid foods during several days after the installation.

Particular features of the all-on-6 implantation

The general algorithm of implant installing with the use of the all-on-6 protocol is similar to the all-on-4 procedure. However, the final result is characterized by a higher stability of the system thanks to the introduction of two more implants into the lateral areas of the jaw (one implant on the right side and another one on the left side).

The installation of six artificial roots is performed as follows:

  • Introduction of two implants into the front area of the jaw in the vertical projection of the front incisors’ roots; 
  • Introduction of two implants into the lateral areas of the jaw (mainly vertically); 
  • Introduction of two remaining implants in the supine position (the direction of the axis is selected on the basis of the bone tissue condition, including its density, height, and degree of resorption in the lateral areas of the jaw).

The angle of the artificial root gets “compensated” by a special multi-unit abutment. Its construction implies installing a crown in the vertical position notwithstanding the position of the implant.

The all-on-6 technique is based on a thorough calculation of the points of installation of titanium pins in order to ensure even distribution of the chewing load. The load is distributed trapezoid which makes the abutments more stable and the whole system more reliable.

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Stages of the all-on-6 dental implantation

The selection of the dental implantation protocol is performed after the patient’s examination during which the doctor determines the most optimal solution for the existing dental problems. The main advantage of all-on-6 dental implants is that they take into consideration all the weak points of the all-on-4 technique and allow eliminating several drawbacks of the classical dental implantation. For instance, the dentist has an opportunity to install titanium pins without affecting the maxillary sinus, vascular bundles, and nerves, as well as to select the ideal area for installing the implant in terms of oral anatomy and physiology.

An increased number of reference points improves considerably the stability of the prosthesis in the presence of the immediate load. All-on-6 dental implants are equally efficient on both upper and lower jaw and help remove the problem of total adentia even with a high degree of bone tissue atrophy.

Preliminary stage. The patient undergoes a consultation and dental examination during which indications and contraindications for dental implantation are determined. Then a computer tomography of both jaws is performed in order to ensure the possibility of conducting all-on-6 dental implantation.

3D computer modelling. In the process of digital modelling, the doctor calculates the optimal position of the implants in the jaw taking into consideration the anatomy of the adjoining structures.

Implantation. On the fixed date the doctor performs the installation of the implants of the selected brand, with the natural teeth being extracted (if necessary) on the same day right before the intervention. The implantation is performed in the presence of local anaesthesia and takes several hours. After the implants are installed, the gums get stitched. Upon the termination of the operation, the doctor makes stamps which are used to produce a temporary fixed prosthesis.

Prosthetics. A particular advantage of the technology is that the patient leaves the clinic after the operation is over with a temporary prosthesis being already installed. It is designed as a bar with a metal frame and plastic artificial teeth. The temporary prosthesis serves for restoring the chewing function and aesthetic appearance of the smile for the period of the implant survival which lasts for approximately 6-8 months (the maximum period of time is 5 years).

Prices for all-on-6 dental implants in DentaTur clinics in Turkey

The cost of all-on-6 implants depends on the complexity of each particular case and on the materials being used for the implantation. Despite the abundance of various implants on the market, DentaTur dental clinics in Turkey (Antalya, Istanbul, Fethiye, Marmaris) work only with high-quality materials which have proved their efficiency and safety. Their price is absolutely justified by their quality.

The majority of dental constructions to be installed present a unique patented technology. Their shape and covering ensure perfect adhesion with the bone. In 99.5% of the cases, the implantation proves to be successful in terms of both its efficiency and long-term trouble-free usage.

The lifetime of brand dental implants is several decades. In the presence of due care, the implants serve for the whole life of the patient. It is not necessary to substitute such prostheses, and it is a perfect money investment. As for the second component of the procedure – the materials used for the production of prostheses – here everything depends on the exact model selected by the patient.

All-on-4£1,600 £7,950 73%
All-on-6£2,400 £10,750 70%
All-on-8 £3,200£12,75066%
Zirconium Implants£1,000£8,75066%
Ceramic Implants£3,000£8,75066%
Full Mouth
Single Implants£400£1,75075%

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