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Dental treatments that are used to restore the appearance and function of the patient’s teeth can be very costly, especially if the procedure is cosmetic. For this reason, more patients are going abroad to get their teeth done.

Turkey is probably the most popular country among dental tourists from the UK. The quality of Turkish dental treatments equals the clinics in the United Kingdom.

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What Is the Cost of Fixing Teeth in Turkey?

The cost of restoring your teeth in Turkey depends on what dental treatments you want to get. But regardless of what treatment you choose, you can be sure that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, as Turkish procedures always cost less than in the UK. This is because Turkey has a much lower living cost. It determines all the other costs, from services to goods. For example, medical students in Turkey do not need to spend as much to get quality dental education, so they do not need to raise their prices after graduating to cover their student debt.


dental implant

Turkish clinics can spend less on rent, and their other experiences are lower, too. The only factor that could’ve raised the cost of dental procedures is the price of foreign-made dental supplies. But the government helps the clinics to get the best supplies by offering them subsidies and other types of financial aid.

The most popular tooth restoration treatments in Turkey are dental veneers and implants. What treatment is chosen depends on the severity of tooth damage.

Cost of Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implants can be either metallic or ceramic, and the price for the two types is different. Ceramic implants, usually made of zirconia, have an average cost of £1000. They are more expensive than the metallic ones, which are made of titanium and cost £250.

Ceramic dental implants are used if the patient has a titanium allergy or it is important to remove the risk of the implant ever shoving through from under the patient’s gums. Ceramic dental implants are white and do not look conspicuous if the patient has receded gumline.

Titanium dental implants are the more commonly used type and are suitable for most patients. They are durable, non-allergenic and can be installed both separately or as a part of a tooth restoration system.

Cost of Veneers in Turkey

Cost of Veneers in Turkey

Dental veneers are also made of one of several different materials. The average price of a veneer made of conventional dental ceramic is £100. Most permanent dental veneers are made of ceramic, but a larger variety of ceramics are used for manufacturing dental veneers, unlike implants.Conventional dental ceramic is opaque and white. It is resistant to damage and staining but looks slightly less natural than other, more modern ceramics.

Emax ceramic, for example, is translucent and looks more similar to dental enamel. It is more expensive but also less durable. The choice between these materials depends on what the patient values more, durability or aesthetics.

Who Should Get Teeth Implants in Turkey?

Teeth Implants in Turkey

Patients who have severely damaged or lost teeth are prime candidates for installing dental implants. As implants are the best type of permanent restoration—they prevent bone degradation—it is best to install them as soon as the patient has lost a tooth to prevent irreversible changes in the structure of the jaws. Implant installation has prerequisites. The patient’s jawbones must be dense enough to safely support the implants. If they lack density, the patient will require a bone graft procedure, which will make the bones more dense.

Who Needs Veneers in Turkey?

Delta veneer installation is primarily a cosmetic procedure, as a dental veneer is thin and is not enough to protect a severely damaged tooth. It is used to change the shape or colour of the visible part of the tooth, leaving the remaining parts unaltered. The veneer is installed only to the front of the tooth, so the patient can get them without changing the rest of their tooth too much.

A dental veneer can cover a chipped tooth or fill the gaps between several of them. The veneers can also serve as a sort of permanent tooth whitening, as dental porcelain is more resistant to staining than natural enamel.

What Are the Benefits of Travelling to Turkey for Dental Care?

Turkish dentistry is not also less expensive than in the UK but is also offered in package deals that make travelling easy and convenient. When you buy a procedure, you also get transfers in the country and free accommodation. The cost of all the medical supplies and anaesthesia is also included in the total procedure price.

Why Should You Choose Dentatur in Turkey?

Dentatur is a clinic that is trusted by thousands of patients. We have performed countless tooth restoration procedures to excellent reviews. The quality of our services is achieved thanks to the our doctors’ extensive experience and our dedication to using cutting-edge treatment methods and equipment, so our teeth prostheses will serve you well for a long time.

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