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Laminate veneers in Turkey are a sophisticated form of dentistry where porcelain constructions are precisely placed on teeth’s front surfaces. Laminate veneer treatment in Turkey offers excellent translucency that closely resembles the alluring qualities of natural teeth. The highest level of authenticity and beauty can be achieved with porcelain laminate veneers in Turkey, while the maximum amount of tooth enamel is preserved.

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What Exactly Are Laminate Veneers?

Laminate veneers, also known as leaf porcelains, are five- to six-millimetre-thick ceramic thin layers that are manufactured to cover the front of the teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, they are used to correct teeth that are discoloured, crooked, chipped, stained, or have unique shapes. Although laminate veneers in Turkey cost more, they are a very efficient way to solve various aesthetic issues. Veneer treatments are a popular option for patients receiving dental care in Turkey if they want to achieve a “Hollywood Smile”. They are renowned for delivering that classic, aesthetic, pearly-white smile that grabs attention and boosts confidence.

How much are Laminate Veneers in Turkey?

laminate veneers turkey

The laminate veneers in Turkey price can vary according to some factors, such as the location of the clinic, the extent of your treatment, the type of materials used, and any extra services or treatments that may be required. Be assured that you will pay around 70% less for the same quality services that you may get in countries like the UK, USA, or other European countries.

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Veneers spesificationsSubstanceLight permeability and NaturalnessLife timeComputer designHand madeBaseAdded porcelainWithout porcelain or anatomicalDENTATUR PRICEUK PRICE
Zirconia based porcelain veneer✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Zirconia160₤550₤
E max laminate veneer✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓E-max200₤750₤
Empress laminate veneer✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Empress200₤750₤

Laminate Veneer Treatment in Turkey: Step by Step

After the veneers are bonded, your dentist could make last-minute modifications to make sure your bite is correctly aligned and that they feel comfortable.

Laminate Veneers in Turkey: Common Applications and Scenarios

This popular dental treatment  may be used for:

Who Should Discuss Alternatives to Porcelain Laminate Teeth?

You may not benefit from this procedure if you have:

For the greatest results, other dental procedures must be completed before getting leaf veneer treatment.

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What are the Advantages of Laminate Veneers?

The process has many advantages when it comes to enhancing your smile and the appearance of your teeth. Here are a few of the main advantages:

Zirconia vs. Laminate Teeth

zirconium veneers

Zirconia teeth and laminate veneers are two separate cosmetic dentistry treatments with different qualities.

Laminate veneers are thin porcelain or ceramic shells that are bonded to the front of teeth to cover minor cosmetic flaws like discolouration or misalignment. They produce results that look natural, require less enamel removal, and are stain-resistant.

On the other hand, zirconia teeth are made from a tough ceramic material that is popular for dental crowns and bridges because of its strength and biocompatibility. Due to their toughness and capacity to bear chewing forces, zirconia restorations are particularly well-suited for posterior teeth. While both methods can improve dental appearance, zirconia teeth excel in durability and functional repair, while laminate veneers concentrate primarily on aesthetic improvements.

FAQ About Laminate Teeth

  • Do laminated teeth require specific maintenance?

    Regular dental hygiene procedures, such as brushing, flossing, and attending checkups every six months, are necessary for the maintenance of laminated teeth. It is possible to extend their lifespans by refraining from behaviours like biting nails and excessively biting or chewing on hard items.

  • Can someone with laminate teeth eat normally?

    Yes, you can eat normally with laminated teeth. However, it's best to refrain from biting into very hard items because doing so could potentially harm the structure of the veneer.

  • Is getting laminated teeth a painful procedure?

    Typically, it is a painless procedure. To ensure your comfort, local anaesthesia may be used throughout the tooth preparation process. After the surgery, some people may suffer from some slight sensitivity, but this normally passes rapidly

  • Are laminate veneers long-lasting?

    Yes, with the right maintenance, they can be effectively used for 10 to 20 years.

  • How should I care for my leaf veneers?

    Maintaining the beauty and endurance of veneers requires proper care. Maintaining good oral care can keep your veneers looking fantastic for years. Follow the suggestions for maintaining the best results:

    • Maintain good oral hygiene.
    • Use non-abrasive products.
    • Avoid staining substances.
    • Be mindful of your food choices.
    • Wear a mouthguard if you have a clenching problem.
    • Attend regular dental check-ups.
    • Avoid using teeth as tools.
    • Consider mouthwash.

  • How long does the treatment last?

    From the initial dental consultation to the final visit, the complete leaf veneer treatment procedure might last 3 to 7 days. We usually complete these applications in three sessions. Remember that the length of your treatment is flexible. Schedule a dental consultation to discuss any details of your case and get more accurate information.

  • Are laminate veneers stain-resistant?

    The ability to withstand stains is a well-known feature of the porcelain material, especially those that are composed of porcelain.

    Porcelain is a material that resists stains quite well, which makes it a popular option for veneer treatment and other cosmetic dental procedures.

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