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In this article, we will tell you how much a Hollywood smile costs in Turkey. It will help you to understand why getting dental help in this country is an excellent option for you. Well, let us inform you about dentistry in Turkey and show you the price list of dental procedures.

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Cost of Hollywood smile in Turkey

Dental implants £300 – £2000 per tooth 

All-on-4 implantation £1.600 per jaw 

All-on-6 implantation £2.400 per jaw

Dental veneers £200 £245 per tooth

Dental crowns£100 £245 per tooth

Teeth whitening £125 per full mouth  

If you dream about a Hollywood smile but do not have enough money, visit our Dentatur clinic. You will be able to get dental help for a reasonable price here. As a result, you will correct your teeth and save your spending. Additionally, we guarantee you a perfect final result. You can see our whole price list here. Choose the most suitable option to create a Hollywood smile and welcome to our clinic!    


Before and after getting Hollywood smile in Turkey

Cost for crowns and veneers

The cost of crowns can vary from £100 to £245 per tooth. It depends on the material that you will choose. Also, you can get different types of veneers in our clinic. This procedure involves getting a Hollywood smile in just 3-5 days. An approximate price for dental veneers is £200 £245 per tooth.  

Cost for implants

The price for implants begins from £300 and can increase to £2000 per tooth. You can also get full-mouth dental implants in our clinic. It allows treating the whole smile at once. The cost for implantation varies from  £1.600 to £3.200. You can choose the material for your new teeth by considering your wishes. 

Cost for teeth whitening

If you want to get the Laser teeth bleaching, you will need to pay £125 per full mouth. This option is suitable for patients who want to correct their smiles quickly. We also provide Teeth whitening with a home kit. The price for this option is £115

Types of dental treatments that we offer

You can correct your teeth and get a Hollywood smile with several methods. The choice depends on your oral health. That is why detail checking of your teeth is a necessary step in dental treatment. Our dentists will help you to find out which dental procedure is the best way to get a Hollywood smile for you. Our clinic offers to get dental implants, veneers, crowns and other popular dental treatments. We want to tell you more about the most prevalent procedures for our patients. For that reason, you can read about dental crowns, implants, veneers and bleaching below. 


Dental veneers in Turkey

Dental veneers are thin shells that will cover your teeth to hide all their imperfections. This method is an excellent solution for patients who dream about a Hollywood smile. The main advantage of veneers is the quick result that they provide. As a result, you will have your teeth treated in just 1-4 days. Veneers are also a good option for patients who want to correct yellow, crooked or cracked teeth. That is why if you suffer from the same problems, dental veneers can help you to forget about them and be happy with a new smile.  


Dental crowns in Turkey

Crowns are dental caps that will protect your teeth from any diseases. It is a long-lasting result that allows having a Hollywood smile. That is why if you want to improve your appearance, correcting teeth with crowns is a perfect option for you. You can correct your smile with crowns in 4-5 days.  This method is the best solution for badly damaged teeth that can not be corrected with fillings or veneers. Crowns will hide your tooth from all sides and correct its appearance.   


Dental implants in Turkey

If you last the tooth you will need to find a substitute for it. The most comfortable and reliable option is implant treatment. It is a perfect way to get new teeth. You correct a full smile with implants. This procedure is a quick method that allows getting the natural-looking and feeling result. Also, you will get a new smile that will serve you for a lifetime. Implants are the best way to return an attractive appearance after toothlessness. With this dental surgery, you will be able to get a Hollywood smile.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in Turkey

Teeth whitening is another way to get a Hollywood smile. This procedure takes a minimum time to get the perfect result. Bleaching will help you to forget about a yellow smile that worsens your appearance and dawns on your self-confidence. Additionally, this method offers a quick result that will be long-lasting. Patients can choose the shade of colour for their new smile. It will decide how many times you will need to visit our clinic to get the desired result. 

Special treatment packages

We offer special treatment packages that provide free services. It will additionally reduce the cost of teeth treatment and allow getting a Hollywood smile for a reasonable price. It makes treatment affordable for everyone. Additionally, it makes your treatment experience more comfortable. It is because you will not need to worry about the organization of your dental trip. Additionally, we offer support from the clients’ coordinator. You can agree on all treatment details with them. They will be glad to answer all your questions. Well, if you get a dental treatment package, you will get such free options as: 

  • Transfer (from the airport to the clinic and back) 
  • Dentist’s work and time 
  • Temporary teeth 
  • Hotel stay with a bad
  • Local anaesthesia     
  • Laboratory fees  
Happy patient after visit dental clinic

Why does Turkey offer the best dental help?

Turkey is the best place where you can get a Hollywood smile. We offer the best services that allow our patients to treat their teeth effectively and quickly. That is why if you want to get the smile of your dream, visit our clinic in Turkey. This country provides cheaper treatment compared to other countries. The main reason for it is the low cost of living in Turkey. That is why dentists offer their time and work for a more affordable price than in the UK or US. Regardless, the quality of dental help is high. Well, you will get a perfect Hollywood smile for a low price here. In addition, you can combine your dental treatment with an amazing vacation. Turkey is an excellent place to spend free time. You will be able to walk beautiful places in this country. Also, you can spend your time swimming in the sea. For that reason, if you plan to correct your smile, visit the Dentatur clinic. You will be happy after coming back home with perfect teeth. Our dentist will care about you during the whole treatment process. 

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