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What are the dental implants?

Losing one or more teeth can lead to serious problems in the future. Bite disorders, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, and lower gums – are not the only complications. Fortunately, modern dentistry can literally restore lost teeth. To do this, dental implantation is used, which has now become the most effective and widely available type of therapy. 

The world community learned about dental implantology only in the middle of the last century, after pure titanium was used to make implants. This material is biocompatible with human tissues, so it gives a very low percentage of rejection and high osteointegration (engraftment) with the jaw bone. Modern turkey dental implants are complex titanium structures that are screwed into the jaw to the required depth. The body of the implant prosthesis, as a rule, has a screw thread that acts as a fixator in the bone and, if necessary, its seal. Above the gingival part is called the superstructure, it includes plugs, gum formers, abutments. They are used at different stages of implantation to create the best conditions for further restoration of the crown of the lost tooth.

How much do they cost?

Our clinic DentaTur provides a huge range of dental services at the best dental implants in turkey prices. Our patients can always count on an individual approach, painless procedures, and long-term results. In our work, our specialists use only modern methods and materials. The cost of turkey tooth implant depends on many factors, among them the number of missing teeth, the type of implant, the amount of bone tissue, and consumables. You can find out the previous prices with the help of our price list.  The exact amount can be found out after consultation and diagnosis. 

Extra benefits of  getting Dental Implants in Turkey?

From professional experience, we have noticed an interesting trend among our patients. While visiting the dental clinic DentaTour for advice on the installation of turkey implants teeth, people share information that caused them many concerns. Usually it goes  about the effectiveness and safety of implants for health, such as a dental cavity, so the whole body.

Below we present some benefits of installing dental implants in turkey that will dispel all your doubts:

  • implants are installed in the bone tissue of the missing tooth without turning the adjacent teeth;
  • with their help, you can eliminate any type of defects on the jaw;
  • loading bone tissue, they stop the process of its destruction;
  • implants do not allow to move to other teeth, restore functions of chewing and diction;
  • when replacing crowns, a bridge, or a lamellar prosthesis, only the abutments are changed, and the artificial roots are not touched when their service life has expired.

Is the implant an expensive treatment?

Our dental practice shows that more expensive implants done in turkey take root with almost 100% guarantee. But it should be noted: high-quality budget implants also take root in 92-95% of cases. A natural question arises: if all implants take root in most cases, what is the difference between the expensive option and the budget?

Here it is important to know that in addition to how successfully the implant dental turkey takes root, it also means how long it will last you. More expensive options differ in the quality of the material from which they are made, the design features of the joints and threads, as well as methods of surface treatment. The combination of these factors allows ensuring a stable position of the implant in the bone for many years of use, avoiding loosening, even in the case of significant loads.

The pricing policy for the installation of dental implants turkey is influenced by many factors that add up to the final price.

Among them should be noted:

  • The cost of the implant itself and the work of a dentist-surgeon
  • Abutment – adapter for crown installation
  • Crown – temporary and permanent
  • The work of a dentist-surgeon

All these main cost items have their own gradation, depending on the brand of implants you have chosen.

How much is the full dental implants at your dentist in the US and UK?

British dentists are rightfully considered to be the leading specialists in their field. In our time, it is in this country that innovative developments are being carried out and revolutionary discoveries are made in the field of orthodontic and implantation medicine. This means that England can be among the leaders in the list of countries recommended for dental tourism, including dental implantation. 

American dentistry, including orthodontics and implantology, is also distinguished by the excellent quality of services provided, comfortable conditions, and modern materials. With all the advantages of American and British dentistry, too high prices for the services provided induce the inhabitants of these countries to the so-called dental-tourism, because dental treatment in our clinic Denta Tour is much cheaper.

Just to compare, one implant in the USA usually costs between $ 2,400 and $ 3,000, but it can cost between $ 4,000 and $ 10,000 in the case of additional procedures, such as bone grafts or tissue grafts. By installing denture implants turkey in our clinic, you will receive a luxury service and high-quality dental implants turkey, but our prices are much lower in comparison with America and England.

How to pay for a procedure

In our clinic Denta Tour, the cost of dental implants turkey is divided into parts, according to the stages of treatment. 

Payment is made not at once, but at each stage of treatment. in the case of two-stage dental implantation, the cost consists of four parts:

  • Installation of a dental implant, including the cost of the implant itself;
  • Gum shaper installation, including shaper cost;
  • Installation of the abutment, including its cost;
  • Fixation of the crown, including the cost of making the crown.

Also, we offer special dental packages depending on upper and lower teeth implants in turkey. We offer our customers a discount in case of cash payment, but payment by card or bank transfer is also at your service.

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