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If you want to correct the size, shade or form of teeth, dental veneers in Turkey are the best option for you. Visit our Dentatur clinic and get quality treatment at a reasonable price. We will care about your comfort and consider your wishes. In this article, we will tell you interesting facts about veneer treatments. 



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Cost of dental veneers in Istanbul

E-max veneers £200 per tooth

Lumineer veneers  £245 per tooth

Empress veneers £200 per tooth

The cost of veneer treatment depends on the country that you choose. That is why dental tourism is prevalent today. The patients visit foreign countries to get dental help at a lower price. Also, tourism cities provide special services that are included in the price for the veneer treatment. As a result, you correct your smile and save your spending. For this reason, we advise you to check the price of dental work in Turkey. You will find the best costs of services here 


before and after veneers installation

Why are veneers cheaper in Turkey?

Turkey is the best country for dental treatment. First of all, you will get the perfect result of the dentist’s work at a reasonable price. The reason for such cheap dental help is the low cost of living in Turkey. As a result, the dentist’s work is more available to patients in this country. 

The cost of dental veneers in Turkey depends on such factors as the number of covered teeth, materials and the dentist’s qualification. The price can vary from  £200 to £245 per tooth. As a result, you will save 70-80% of your budget. 


How to choose the right type of veneers?

One of the most popular questions is “which type of veneer is better?”. It is better to ask your dentist about it. It is because every material has unique features that make them suitable for different patients. We prepared some advantages and disadvantages of more popular types of dental veneers in Turkey. You can compare their features and find out which is better for you. However, it is better to check your oral health before deciding.  

E-max veneers

Conventional porcelain veneers

E-max veneers are made of pressed ceramic. This material has many advantages. Let us tell you about them. Firstly, they are transparent. It provides a natural view of the veneers. Also, they are thinner and lighter. Thanks to it, you will not need to remove a lot of enamel to place them. You can use them to correct your front teeth. It is because E-max shells are durable despite their slight thickness. That is why you will not harm them while biting the hard food. The duration of their lasting can be 20 years. However, it depends on your care for oral health. In addition, you can get E-max veneers in one day. If the dentist has the appropriate CAD / CAM devices, they can manufacture them in the office. 

Lumineer veneers

Lumineer veneers in Turkey

Lumineers are another popular type of porcelain veneer in Turkey. They are prevalent due to the method of their placement. Lumineers provide little teeth preparation. It allows saving the structure of the tooth. However, you can feel some discomfort after treatment, unlike after placing E-max shells. You will get accustomed to new feelings in your mouth in 1-3 weeks. If the discomfort still disturbs you, contact your dentist. The reason can be incorrectly attached dental veneers. Lumineers provide natural-looking results. You can wear them for 5-7 years. The dentist will choose the suitable shade of shells for you. You can get the perfect smile due to it. 

Empress veneers

empress veneers in Turkey

Empress veneers are one of the most aesthetic types of porcelain shells. They look like natural tooth enamel. It is the best option for getting a Hollywood smile. These veneers are made of two layers. The base is made of pressed ceramic and covered with a glass layer. It allows getting durable and natural-looking dental shells. They will serve you for 10-15 years. However, it is better to avoid potential harm. It is because you cannot fix damaged veneers. The dentist will remove them and replace them with new ones. In addition, you will be able to choose from a huge choice of ceramic colours. For this reason, you can use empress shells to correct front teeth.    

Zirconium veneers

zirconium veneers in Turkey

Zirconium shells are more durable than other types of veneers. That is why dentists recommend using them for back teeth. They can withstand the press during the bite of hard food. It is the main advantage of this type. Also, zirconium veneers are biocompatible and hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to metal, these shells are safe for you. They have two layers. The base is made of opaque zirconium and covered with porcelain. It makes them resistant to damage. You can wear them from 1 to 20 years. You can affect the time they last by following a daily routine. Also, zirconium veneers are suitable for patients with bruxism because of their durability. However, it is not easy to fit this type of porcelain shell. The dentists spend a lot of time adjusting them. In addition, zirconium can break in case of incorrect placing of veneer.

Which free services do we provide?

Our clinic offers special services for foreign patients that help to reduce the cost of treatment. That is why you can get such free services as:

In addition, we provide special veneers packages. They include 6, 8, or 12 prosthetic shells. You can correct a full smile at once, thanks to it. These packages also include additional free services. For that reason, veneer treatment in Turkey is available for foreign patients. 

Why are veneers the best solution for correcting teeth?

Veneer treatment is suitable for everyone who wants to correct dental imperfections. It is a quick and painless dental procedure. That is why you will get the result in a short time. This method of treatment is preferable among patients with yellow, crooked or cracked teeth. Veneers will cover teeth imperfections and provide the smile of your dreams. Also, we have prepared a list of benefits for this type of treatment for you. That is why let us inform you why veneers are an excellent option to correct the smile. 

  • Veneer treatment provides a long-lasting result. You can wear them for 20 years with proper care. However, it also depends on the materials that you will choose. 
  • You can cover only one tooth or full jaw with porcelain shells. It is because they look like natural teeth. Additionally, you can choose the shade of colour for them. 
  • This type of treatment does not involve a long recovery period. You can use new teeth as usual immediately after getting veneers.
  • You can forget about decay accommodation, thanks to veneer treatment. Also, porcelain is stain resistant. That is why you can drink coffee or smoke and your smile will still be white. 

How does veneer treatment perform?

Placing No Prep Veneers Step by Step

Veneers are thin prosthetic shells that cover the front side of teeth. This procedure is an excellent option for people who want to change the look of their smile quickly. This treatment provides several steps. The first of them is consultation with the dentist. The doctor checks oral health and decides if the patient is the right candidate for getting veneers. If you do not have additional diseases, the dentist will start the procedure. Teeth preparation provides the abrasion of the enamel. It can take 1-2 hours. Then you can get temporary shells. They will be ready in 3 hours. They will protect your teeth. Also, this option is necessary for patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity. Your second visit involves fitting and installing permanent veneers. They will be ready in 48 hours. This type of treatment does not provide a recovery period. For this reason, you can use your new teeth immediately after the procedure.

Who is the right candidate for getting veneers in Turkey?

Getting dental veneers in Turkey is not suitable for you if you suffer from gum diseases. Placing prosthetic shells can cause complications as red or even bleed gums. Also, you can not get veneer treatment if you have high tooth sensitivity. The discomfort feelings can increase after the abrasion of enamel. That is why if you feel pain while drinking hot or cold drinks, you should inform your dentist about it. In addition, dentists do not recommend getting prosthetic shells if you have clenching or grinding problems. These habits can harm the veneers. Also, if you suffer from an allergy to metal, it is better to get biocompatible veneers. 

Choose the right dental clinic in Turkey

Choosing a dental clinic abroad is a major task. It will affect the results you will get. You need to take the time for this task. It will help you to avoid unpleasant situations after you arrive in another country. We will tell you about the main point of preparation that it is better to do. If you follow these steps, you will choose the best clinic to correct your smile. Also, these tips are designed to get the desired result. That is why let us tell you how to choose the right place for getting dental veneers in Turkey.

  • Check the clinic before booking

    There are several methods to check the clinic. Firstly, you can read about the company on the Internet. Search the information on different forums. Then you can check if the clinic follows hygiene practices. You can do it by finding out if it operates at certain levels of quality management standards. You can find this data on the Internet.

  • Find out the dentist's qualification

    You may be deceived by unskilled dentists. They came because of the popularity of dental tourism. That is why it is better to check their qualifications to be sure of their knowledge. You can do it by verifying it with an insurance authority of Turkey. Also, you can read about the dentist experience on the clinic’s site.

  • Ask about warranty conditions

    You can ask the client’s coordinator about warranty conditions. It is better to find out how the clinic will help you in case of appearance complications after treatment. Ask about contact with the dentist after your arrival home. Also, find out if you need to come to the clinic again to eliminate damages. In addition, it is better to ask about compensation for treatment and flight.

Why is our clinic the best option for correcting the smile?

Our clinic is the best place to get dental veneers in Turkey. We care about the comfort and health of our patients. For this reason, we use only quality materials to make your smile perfect. Also, we have modern equipment that allows performing the latest technologies. As a result, the treatment is painless and provides a better result. 

Our dentists are skilled professionals. They have approximately 30 years of experience. That is why they know how to make the smile of your dream. Our dentists care about their reputation and try to increase their knowledges. That is why they can guarantee high quality and long-lasting results. You can see an example of their work here

We provide the guarantee of treatment for our patients. You can be sure of getting help in case of the appearance of complications after treatment. In addition, we help with transfers and accommodation. Our client’s coordinator will help you with planning your arrival. Also, our English-speaking staff will inform you about all treatment details.  

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