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Turkey is a country that is famous not only for its rich history, luxurious resorts and sweets but also for its dental tourism. Every year, this country is chosen by millions of tourists who want quality treatment for their teeth and sometimes even change their lives.

If you have been wanting to get your teeth treated for a long time, and have serious problems with the beauty of your smile, then the Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey is really the perfect option for you. We invite you to start transforming your appearance with us today.

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Prices of Dental Treatments at Dentatur

Our Dentatur team is always thinking about our clients’ comfort and that the prices of our procedures are affordable to many. We base the price of each procedure on several factors:

  • The time needed for the procedure
  • Cost of materials used during the procedure
  • The method of procedure

In addition, prices for the same procedure may vary, depending on whether you buy it separately or take it in a treatment package. 


Before and after cosmetic dentistry

These dental treatment packages have been created by our team specifically to make our working experience more profitable for our clients. We care about the comfort of our clients, so you will not regret choosing us.

What Are the Most Popular Procedures in Turkey?

Turkey is best known for its dental and plastic surgery treatments. For many patients, this country is simply the perfect place to get the beauty injections they have long dreamed of, or to get the new white smile they want. The most popular dental procedures in Turkey are dental implants and dental veneers. Doctors at the Dentatur most commonly use implant placement methods such as:

  • All-on-4: the restoration of all teeth in the jaw using four implants;
  • All-on-6: placement of implants on the entire jaw using 6 posts;
  • All-on-8 and All-on-12: placing implants in the entire jaw using 8 and 12 posts respectively. These two methods are the most similar to each other, but both are commonly used.

If you want to choose the right dental implantation method for your needs, contact our consultants via online chat or online form. They will be happy to help you plan your treatment with our team today.

What Makes Turkey So Popular Among Foreigners?


Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism, and dental procedures are no exception. Every year, thousands of foreigners visit Turkey to take advantage of its high-quality yet affordable dental treatments. There are several key reasons why people choose Turkey to transform their smile.

Price-affordable treatment

First and foremost, one of the most significant reasons why Turkey is popular among foreigners for dental procedures is its cost-effectiveness. Turkey offers top-notch dental procedures at a fraction of the cost compared to many other countries. The cost of dental procedures in Turkey is about 60% to 70% lower than in the United States or Europe. Therefore, clients can save a lot of money by getting their dental procedures in Turkey.

The Quality

Another reason why Turkey is gaining popularity for dental procedures is the quality it offers. Turkey has highly qualified and experienced dentists who use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide world-class dental procedures. In addition, most dental offices in Turkey follow international standards and protocols, ensuring the safety and quality of procedures.

Availability of advanced treatments

Turkey is at the forefront of dental technology, and dental offices in Turkey offer a wide range of advanced procedures that are not easily accessible in many other countries. For example, Turkey offers dental implant procedures, and cosmetic dentistry procedures, using the latest technology and techniques.

Convenience and accessibility

Turkey is conveniently located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, making it easily accessible for patients from all over the world. Additionally, Turkey has a well-developed transportation infrastructure, with many direct flights to major cities across the world. Dental clinics in Turkey are also located in popular tourist destinations, making it easy for patients to combine dental procedures with a relaxing holiday.

Hospitality and customer service

Last but not the least, Turkey is renowned for its hospitality and excellent customer service. Dental clinics in Turkey go out of their way to provide personalised care to their patients, ensuring that they have a comfortable and stress-free experience. Many dental clinics in Turkey offer additional services such as airport transfers, accommodation, and sightseeing tours to make the patients’ stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Main Tips On How to Choose the Right Dental Clinic in Turkey

More and more people are travelling to Turkey every year in order to get quality dental treatment. Taking into account the increasing demand for dental services, the number of clinics in different parts of Turkey is also increasing. However, choosing one that is right for you is always a challenge. We will give you some tips on how to find the right clinic that will give you the best quality procedure without costing you a fortune.

Research the dental clinics in Turkey

Before choosing a dental office in Turkey, research the available ones in the area where you are staying. You can use search engines like Google, ask for recommendations from people who have had dental treatments in Turkey, or consult with travel agencies.

Check the accreditations and certifications

Make sure the place you are considering the best for you has the necessary accreditations and certifications. The clinic should be registered with the Turkish Dental Association and the Turkish Medical Association. You can also check if it has any international certifications, which indicates that it adheres to international quality standards.

Look for experienced dentists

Make sure the place you choose has experienced and qualified dentists. You can research the dentists’ experience by checking their profiles on the website or by asking the consultants directly. It is also a good idea to check whether there are any reviews about the experience of the doctors who work there. The most accurate reviews can be found on various sites on the Internet, such as Google. It is also important to make sure that the staff are fluent in English in order to avoid language barriers.

Check out the range of procedures offered

Make sure the place you choose offers the procedure you need. Dental offices in Turkey offer a wide range of treatments, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implant dentistry, and general dentistry. Check if the clinic has the latest equipment and technology to ensure the best results.

Check the reviews

Check the reviews of the clinic on different platforms like Google, Facebook or YouTube. Reading reviews will help you understand the quality of services offered and how satisfied previous patients were with their treatments. Video reviews on YouTube are always the most accurate and complete. Many clinics also post feedback of their patients on their websites.

Check the prices

Compare the prices of different dental clinics in Turkey to make sure you are getting the best deal. However, keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best option. Make sure the clinic offers a transparent pricing policy and provides detailed information about the costs involved.


The Dentatur Clinic Is the Best Option For You

Dentatur clinic is your one-stop destination for all your dental needs. Here we understand the importance of a healthy smile and we are committed to providing the best possible dental care to our patients.

Here you can find the newest dental equipment and technologies, which helps us to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment to our patients.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced dental professionals who are dedicated to providing personalised care to each patient.

Our focus is on making you feel comfortable and confident in our care. We understand that dental treatments can be intimidating for some people, and that’s why we strive to create a friendly and welcoming environment here. We take the time to listen to our patients’ concerns and answer any questions they may have.

We offer a wide range of dental services, including preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and restorative dentistry. Whether you need a routine cleaning or a complex dental procedure, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible care.

We believe in transparent pricing, and we make sure to provide our clients with a detailed analysis of the cost of the procedure before we start. We also work with most insurance providers to make sure our patients can receive the care they need without worrying about financial constraints.

In addition to our excellent dental care services, we also take strict measures to maintain a clean and safe environment for our clients. We follow strict  sterilisation protocols and use disposable materials wherever possible to prevent the spread of infections. It is also important to note the fact that we have all the necessary certificates and official permits to work.

We are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of care and comfort. Choose us for your dental treatments and experience the difference we can make in your oral health and overall well-being.

Patients' Testimonials

All this is confirmed by numerous testimonials from our clients. You can find them all on our website. Each year we help thousands of grateful and happy patients who decided to choose us and did not regret it. Do not delay your treatment, but start it now.



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