Ceramic Veneers in Turkey

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Ceramic dental veneers in Turkey

If you have been dreaming of a beautiful Hollywood smile for a long time, you should consider getting veneers. Dental veneers are special plates that cover the front surface of your teeth. They are placed when teeth cannot be whitened or when you need your teeth to be straight and wearing braces does not help.


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Types of veneers that we offer


Empress Veneers

dental veneers

E-max Veneers

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Cost of dental veneers in Turkey

E-max veneers £200 per tooth

Empress veneers £200 per tooth

Lumineer veneers £245 per tooth  

The cost of veneers varies from £200 to £245 per tooth in Turkey. It depends on the materials that you will choose. You will be able to get E-max, Empress and Lumineer veneers in our clinic. Additionally, we provide special veneer pacages. You can read more about them here


Before and after dental veneers

Dental veneers in Turkey

Getting dental ceramic veneers

A beautiful smile is not only a facial decoration but also an indicator of how happy and successful a person is. The importance of its attractiveness is obvious. Not everyone can smile openly, evoking confidence in the interlocutor, it can be explained by the personal qualities of the person or physical imperfections.

They are applied to the front surface of the front teeth to correct various aesthetic defects:

  • Chips; 
  • Cracks;
  • Darkening/yellowing of enamel;
  • Crooked incisors/fangs;
  • Fillings on the front side of the interior units.

When to get veneers?

Your dentist in Turkey will recommend dental veneers if:

You may be denied veneers if you have large fillings on your front teeth, but you should understand that all cases and treatments are individual. The doctor should look at the size and location of the fillings and only then decide on the placement of veneers. Therefore, it is better when the doctor tells you about the pros and cons of veneers at the consultation.

The Advantages of Ceramic Veneers

Veneers are highly durable and long-lasting, usually lasting for decades. Generally, veneers are placed for aesthetic purposes. Covering the teeth significantly improves the aesthetics of the smile. Dental veneers in Turkey are installed for beauty or medical reasons, on one tooth or the entire smile line – 20 teeth. One of the main advantages of veneers is the opportunity to change your smile dramatically. 

Here are the main advantages of ceramic veneers in Turkey:

The peculiarity of the technology is that the veneers are placed on the front surface of the tooth. The thickness of the dental plate is about 0.6 millimetres. Lumineers differ from veneers in that they are not required to be prepared before fitting. Veneers on teeth create a unique aesthetic effect, which cannot be achieved by ordinary bleaching or restoration.

Compared to other types of veneers, ceramic dental veneers in Turkey have the following features:

The Advantages of Ceramic Veneers
  • Ceramic is a material that has a wide range of colours, so dental veneers made from it can be made in a shade that will match the colour of your natural tooth enamel. But if you have a desire to get a tooth row of dazzling whiteness as a result of the installation of ceramic veneers, it is not a problem either.
  • Ceramic veneers are durable against mechanical stresses and do not lose their shine or their attractive colour when exposed to external factors such as colourful foods, coffee, tea or tobacco.
  • Ceramics is a material of high biological compatibility with the human body, so the installation of ceramic veneers does not involve the risk of allergic or other adverse reactions and treatments.

Of course, compared to composite veneers, ceramic dental ones will cost more, but they will last from 10 to 15 years. Naturally, such a useful life of veneers will be relevant if you take proper care of them, as well as quality oral hygiene.

Why Should You Choose Ceramic Veneers in Turkey?

There are two main reasons for choosing ceramic veneers in Turkey: the first reason is the minimum polishing of the tooth during preparation because the polished area includes only the outer surface, the natural surfaces of the tooth in the area of the tongue and gingiva are strong. Thus, there is minimal loss of tooth surface. The second reason is to achieve aesthetic expectations through the best features. The translucency and biocompatibility with real teeth are far superior to conventional standards.

But how durable and resistant are ceramic veneers? Veneers that are glued to the teeth with special adhesives cannot be peeled off without force. However, they can be peeled off by dentists in a desirable way. With regular monitoring, dental and oral health, they can be used for many years.

Indications for Ceramic Veneers

The indication for the installation of ceramic veneers is essentially the same – a person’s desire to transform their smile and hide various defects in the shape of teeth and enamel. The use of ceramic veneers in the aesthetic restoration or treatment of teeth can help to reliably mask the following defects:

  • Darkening of enamel, which cannot be eliminated by classical whitening;
  • Stains on the enamel coating of teeth are caused by fluorosis. Such stains cannot be removed by brushing or bleaching;
  • Ceramic veneers can be used to cover gaps between teeth;
  • Ceramic veneers can be used to mask the unsightly shape of individual teeth in a row.

It is important to understand that ceramic veneers cannot be used to restore decayed teeth and are not an alternative to dental crowns. If the tooth is destroyed by decay, it must be repaired with treatment and filling, and only then, if desired and necessary, should a ceramic veneer be placed on it.

What are the Best Veneers to Choose From?

Composite veneers and ceramic veneers are made by E-Max in Germany. Composite veneers are made directly in the patient’s mouth. A liquid composite filling material is applied to the teeth in several layers, then each layer is aligned and fixed with ultraviolet light. Composite veneers have pros and cons. The pluses include affordable cost – they are the most inexpensive veneers with which to improve the appearance of teeth The minuses are the darkening of veneers after a few years of exposure to colourful products or smoking.

One of the most sought-after and popular options for dental veneers in Turkey is ceramic veneers. These are thin plates veneered with ceramic, so they look as natural as possible and are very similar to regular teeth. Inside the veneer is a framework made of a special material, so the average lifespan of these fragile-looking products is up to 20 years.

Differences Between Dental Veneers and Crowns

Crowns and veneers in Turkey

You can achieve an aesthetically beautiful smile by placing special caps – veneers or crowns. The dentist will first assess the condition of the patient’s teeth, examine the oral cavity, explain the difference between veneers and crowns, and advise which is better in each case.

Veneers are thin plate-like dental overlays that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth. Their main function is to hide unsightly teeth and create a “Hollywood smile” effect. Veneers hide all kinds of defects, strengthen the hard tissue of the tooth and protect the native tooth from damage and darkening.

Veneers cover the vestibular part of the tooth. The bond is held securely in place because the dentist pre-sawn and notched the hard tissue on the outside surface of the tooth. You see a lot of people with beautiful smiles, but it is impossible to tell if this is a native tooth or a veneer. After all, modern plates are aesthetic, and even with a close look, it is impossible to guess that there are veneers on the teeth. It remains a mystery.

Veneers are placed when there are chips, cracks, various cosmetic defects, stains, or the tooth is not severely damaged. Doctors recommend that veneers are placed on the front teeth or canines because it is not rational to place veneers on molars.

What is a Laminate Veneer?

Laminate veneers in Turkey

Porcelain laminate veneers are ultra-thin ceramic shells bonded to the front of the teeth. They are used to correct cosmetic defects on the teeth or to correct the bite (the way the teeth come together).

Laminated veneers are the most common procedure nowadays, mainly because of their aesthetic appearance. Porcelain laminate veneers are applied to the teeth and give a perfect appearance.

Laminated veneers are about 0.5 mm thick and are made of special porcelain sheets similar to false fingernails. Despite their thinness, once they are glued to the tooth with a special technique, they cannot be taken off the tooth, unless they are cut out.

Laminate Veneers in Turkey

Ceramic Laminate Veneers are a predictable treatment option for aesthetic anterior restorations. When bonded to enamel, ceramic veneers provide stable long-term results. Using modern laboratory techniques associated with a strict clinical protocol, very thin veneers can be provided with minimal hard tissue loss.

Dental clinic “Dentatur” will give you your desired smile with the help of veneers. Patients leave our dental clinic with a full smile after all applications of ceramic laminate veneers by experienced and professional specialists in Turkey. 

The current trend in restorative dentistry treatment is the preservation of dental structures associated with adhesive restorations.

  1. For the anterior dentition, treatments such as direct composite polymer restorations have proven to be clinically effective.
  2. When used for small cavities and additional procedures in younger patients, composite polymer allows minimally invasive aesthetic results. Other advantages include low cost and the ability to repair in cases of breakage or discolouration.
  3. Further, if indicated, the composite polymer can be used in conjunction with direct or indirect techniques.

Many local and foreign patients desire successful treatment in Ceramic Veneers in Turkey. Dental Clinics in Turkey take great pride in the fact that satisfied patients leave with complete confidence and happiness. The clinicians have experience working with patients from abroad who are looking for the best dental procedures abroad. Veneers on your teeth look natural and last a long time to maintain their attractive appearance. Compared to the prices of other restoration and treatment methods, dental plates are an inexpensive way to get a Hollywood-white smile.

The ideal ceramic veneer concept offers high-quality treatments with minimal tooth preparation. This method can be used for any case in which laminated veneers are indicated, and in which the dental substrate does not show major shade changes. Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic restorations provide excellent aesthetics and adequate function. When they involve careful bonding and occlusal adjustments, ceramic veneers meet the requirements for long-term clinical success.

Visit Dentatur Dental Clinic and Get Perfect Ceramic Veneers

Happy patient after getting ceramic veneers

If we consider ceramic veneers in Turkey, we should note their external attractiveness and durability of the construction. Due to the unique properties of ceramics, the surface of the upper layer reflects light similar to a real tooth, veneers perfectly imitate its tissues.

Veneers are considered one of the most advanced dental restoration technologies. It is performed in the presence of chips, cracks and other minor defects on the front teeth, as well as in the presence of age or congenital deformities that spoil the aesthetic appearance of the smile.

In addition, our modern technology allows you to give the plate any shade of whiteness, according to the neighbouring teeth and the desire of the client. The material used for restorations cannot boast such characteristics.

With these transformations, you will never achieve an aesthetic look, any good colour and transparency. The situation will get worse over time. Another feature of a restored tooth is the need for replacement.

You can use veneers to slightly correct the shape of your teeth, but to keep your teeth intact and natural, it is better to turn to braces. There is only one difference in achieving the desired aesthetic appearance when using these tools – time. Veneers for teeth will transform your smile in a few weeks, braces will help for six months to a year. Our clinic waits for you and is ready to help you at any time!   

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