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Dental implants are an excellent solution if you miss teeth. It provides a natural-looking and long-term result. It also has health benefits in contrast to dentures or bridges. Additionally, it is a more comfortable variant than other solutions. That is why the patients choose implants more often. So, let us talk about how to choose the best country to get dental implants abroad!









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What is the best country to get dental implants? If you want to know the answer to this question, you need to read this article. We will tell you about dental tourism and why it is so prevalent today. You will also find information about getting implants in a different country. It will help you to choose a more suitable variant for you. Additionally, we have prepared some tips for you about organization of a dental visit abroad

Cost of dental implants abroad

So, what is the best country to get dental implants? The most important criterion for patients is price. The cost can vary according to the country. So, the major reason for it is the different cost of living. That is why dental tourism is so prevalent today. It is cheaper for patients to visit clinics abroad. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to combine visiting dentists with vacation. So, we have prepared a list of approximate prices of dental implants in different countries. 




Costa Rica

Czech Republic


Features of the implants to consider

Placing implants provides:

Dental implants placing

Getting implants abroad

Dental tourism has been prevalent over the past 10 years. The most important reason for it is the opportunity to correct the smile at a lower cost. You need to choose the country that offers better services for you. You can compare the price and free options they provide for patients. Additionally, you will be able to visit famous places in countries. That is why your teeth treatment can be a part of the vacation. 

What is the best country to get dental implants? Companies try to make their clinics more comfortable for patients. However, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. That is why we prepared for you information about the service that every country provides for you.  

Benefits of dental tourism in Turkey

So, what is the best country to get dental implants? Turkey is one of the more prevalent places in dental tourism. There are several reasons to choose this country for correcting your smile. That is why we have prepared feathers of clinics in Turkey for you. It will help you to make your choice.


Firstly, Turkey has a perfect location. This country is attractive because of its beaches, shopping centres, culture, and history. That is why dental tourism in Turkey is an excellent opportunity to spend your time fascinating. Tourists like to visit this country to swim in the sea and take a walk on the beach. Also, this country is comfortable for tourists, since a flight to Turkey will take just 4 hours by plane.


The cost of living in Turkey allows dental clinics to offer acceptable prices to patients. It is the main reason to choose this country for teeth treatment. The dentists can provide their work at a lower cost for you. However, it will not affect the quality of results that you will get. So, if you need to correct your smile but prices are unaffordable for you, Turkish clinics are the best variant. Additionally, they can offer you help immediately.


Modern Turkish clinics make dental procedures more pleasant for their patients. They use only quality equipment and new dental technologies. That is why you do not need to worry about discomfort during the procedure. Clinics also provide free X-rays and 3D tomography for patients. It helps the dentist to check your teeth better. So, you can be sure of their work. 


Turkish clinics have dentists with extensive experience in dental treatment. All of them have practice in using new technologies. Turkish dentists are qualified to do surgeon procedures. Additionally, they improve their knowledge in the dental treatment area all the time. All of them have practice in using new technologies and can help you with different dental problems. That is why dentists of Turkish clinics can guarantee you perfect results. 

Fear of dental procedures is the most common reason why people do not visit the dentist. That is why all dentists in Turkish clinics know how to help you with such problems. They will talk with you before starting to do something with your teeth. You will be informed about all details and can ask all questions that concern you. 

What is the best country to get dental implants abroad?

The cost of living is the major reason for the different prices in countries. It affects the dentist’s overhead and salary. That is why they can offer you their work at different prices. It also allows the company to provide patients with better services. There can be 4-star hotels and spa facilities. So, what is the best country to get dental implants? We prepared for you information about services in different countries, which you can read below. It will help you to choose a more appropriate variant for you. 

  • Turkey

    Turkey is an excellent country for placing dental implants. You will get quality treatment at a reasonable price here. Also, Turkish clinics provide the best services for foreign patients and try to make your dental trip comfortable. That is why, if you want to get a pleasant experience of dental treatment, choose this country.

  • India

    India is one of the cheaper countries for teeth treatment abroad. The cost of living in the country allows dentists not to spend much money on liability insurance. That is why they can offer dental procedures at a lower price. If you want to be sure of high quality, you can visit Chandigarh. The largest number of good specialists work here. Additionally, India is a country with beautiful landscapes. That is why your visiting dentist can be part of a pleasant vacation.

  • Costa Rica

    Clinics in Costa Rica also offer low costs for dental treatment. If you want to find a qualified dentist, it is better to choose clinics specializing in dental tourism. They use modern equipment and branded materials. It will guarantee you getting high-quality results. Costa Rica is an exotic country. Therefore, you will be able to have a great time looking at interesting places.

  • Poland

    Poland is a comfortable dental tourism country due to short and low-cost flying. Also, major cities offer to patients from overseas cheaper prices. Clinics in Poland have qualified dentists. They train for 5 years before beginning practice. Additionally, they pass exams every 5 years to confirm their knowledge. So, you can be sure of the quality of their work.

  • Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic is the center of dental tourism due to its lower price and high standards of dentists’ work. All of them should be registered with the Czech Dental Chamber and Ministry of Health. The capital of the Czech Republic has the highest concentration of qualified dentists with an excellent reputation. The prices there are higher than in other countries abroad. However, it does not affect the choice of patients who prefer quality dentists.

  • Thailand

    Thailand is known as the Land of Smile due to modern clinics with English-speaking staff. This country is prevalent among tourists who want to get dental treatment. Patients prefer Thailand because of qualified dentists and low costs. It is the merit of the Thailand government’s Ministry of Health. It tries to make the country more comfortable and attractive to tourists.

How to organize dental treatment abroad?

What is the best country to get dental implants? There are several criteria to find out about it. You need to be accurate in making your choice of companies. So, it is better to check clinics before booking. That is why we have prepared information about how to do it right. 

Getting veneers done in Turkey

Choose the way to arrange the dental treatment

So, you can choose between two ways to arrange your visit to the dentist abroad. If you want to book clinics by yourself, you need to take responsibility for all checking. However, you can choose a more convenient way and get help from a medical travel agency. 

The medical travel agency will prepare clinics abroad for you, considering your needs. Therefore, you do not need to worry about checking dental companies and dentists to choose a more suitable variant for you. However, applying for a medical travel agency is a paid service. So, it will increase the cost of dental tourism. Agency can also offer you travel packs. It can include accommodation, pickup in the airport, and transport to the hotel or clinic. It will take away the obligation to look for housing and transport for moving.

So, you can also book a clinic yourself. It allows searching for cheaper or more suitable accommodations and spending less money. However, you need to check the clinic and dentists before booking. It will help you to choose the right specialist with experience. It is necessary because there are dentists without appropriate knowledge and practices in the dental industry. That is why we have prepared tips for choosing clinics abroad.

Checking the clinics and dentists before booking

Checking the clinics and dentists is a necessary part of choosing a dental company abroad. It affects the results you will get. That is why it is better to check the quality of care and treatment in the clinic carefully. So, let’s talk about how you can do it. 

Firstly, you need to check dentists’ work. Extensive experience is one of the factors that affects the competence of a doctor. You can see this information on the clinic’s site. Additionally, you can read the feedback from patients and look at the results of their work. However, remember that comments on the site can be biased. Another place when you can search for information about dentists is the internet forum. 

You need to check information about dentists’ qualifications. You can verify it with the issuing body. Every country has its own regulatory body. So, you can see the dentist’s qualifications easily thanks to it. Additionally, it will show if dentists work legitimately. 

What do you need to check after arriving at the clinic?

Checking the dental clinic after arriving is also necessary. So, what should catch your attention? All dental equipment needs to be sterilized. You can ask the staff to show you how they do it. All dentists should wear medical masks and gloves. Additionally, you can check if the clinic is ISO 9001 certified. It shows that the clinic operates a high level of quality management standards. 

Getting a quotation for treatment

You need to get quotations for treatment before visiting the clinic. It approves that the dentist will help you with dental problems when you arrive in the country. It is also an opportunity to find out the price for dental procedures which you need to do. So, how can you get it?

You can do a panoramic X-Ray in your country. It is one of the ways to check the condition of your teeth, roots, and jawbones. It will allow the dentist to get the answer for you.

Another way to check if the dentist can help you is by consultation. The company can ask you to visit the dentist in your country for it. You can send the result of the check, which you will get, to a clinic abroad online. It will reduce the likelihood of dental tour failure. However, you will also have a consultation with the dentist abroad. It is necessary to get a final quotation for dentist work.

Things to consider before visiting a dentist broad

It is better to agree on all details of the clinic’s services before booking. It will help you to avoid unexpected situations after arriving home. So, it may apply to features of aftercare. That is why we have prepared the questions that you can agree with the company’s coordinator. 

  • Do you need to stay in hospital after procedures? 
  • How can you help yourself if you will feel any discomfort or pain after the procedures?
  • Will you be able to care for yourself during the recovery?
  • Can the recovery take more time than you say because of complications?
  • Will you be able to affect the result that you will get?

Another detail you need to agree with the company applies to dealing with complications after treatment. Also, do not forget to ask about the warranty conditions. You should check what you need to do if you will experience problems after coming home. You need to find out how you will be able to get help in such situations. The complications can include:

  • demand to other teeth
  • accumulation of infection
  • tingling in your mouth because of demanded nerves
  • problems with the sinus
  • sensitivity of teeth


So, dental tourism is an excellent opportunity to get a perfect smile at a low cost. Additionally, you can combine the visit to the dentist with a pleasant vacation. You will be able to see beautiful landscapes and famous tourist places. 

Dental tourism in Turkey is prevalent due to the modern clinics and qualified staff. You do not need to worry about the results that you will get. The Dentature clinic has skilled dentists. They have extensive experience in the dental area. They also improve their knowledge in using new dental technologies. Additionally, most of them are members of dental associations, which organize the practices for them. Turkish clinics also offer a low cost. So, you can get a perfect smile and save money. 

So, what is the best country to get dental implants? It depends on your needs. Dental tourism is prevalent today. Therefore, countries try to make their dental clinics more comfortable for tourists. It is better to analyze services that clinics provide for their patients in different countries. You can compare them and choose more suitable variant for you.

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