Throughout the history of modern implantology in Turkey, experts here have come up with many different ways of restoring people’s teeth. One of these methods includes All-on-6 implants.

All-on-6 implantation is a procedure that will help you fulfil your dream and see your reflection in the mirror with a beautiful white smile. Don’t delay with your transformation and contact us now to start planning your treatment.

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How Much Are All-on-6 Dental Implants in Turkey?

One of the first questions our clients always ask is the cost of a particular procedure. This important aspect of implantation always depends on several factors:

  • the number of implants needed;
  • the material used to make the implants;
  • whether the customer pays for a service package or for each procedure separately.

In our Dentatur dental clinic in Turkey, the price of the All-on-6 implantation method is usually £2,400. Although you can find out the final price after the first consultation with the doctor, the treatment will definitely not cost you a fortune.


dental implant

It is also worth mentioning that our clinic does everything to make treatment with us as comfortable and affordable as possible for all our patients, so our team has developed dental implant packages that include several free procedures at once:

  • free consultation;
  • free temporary implants;
  • free accommodation and airport transfers;
  • free additional examinations.

By purchasing such a package, our patients’ treatment with us becomes much more affordable.

All-on-4£1,600 £7,950 73%
All-on-6£2,400 £10,750 70%
All-on-8 £3,200£12,75066%
Zirconium Implants£1,000£8,75066%
Ceramic Implants£3,000£8,75066%
Full Mouth
Single Implants£400£1,75075%

All-on-6 Dental Implantation Method: What Is It?


All-on-6 implants is a method that involves placing implants over the entire jaw on 6 posts that are inserted into the bone. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia so that the patient feels no pain. However, if you are afraid of dental procedures, we can use general anaesthesia. All treatment at our clinic takes no more than ten days. Our consultants will tell you more precise terms.

The All-on-6 implant method has several advantages over other methods. It is considered a complex procedure, which requires several visits to the doctor. At our clinic, All-on-6 implants are performed only by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience.

How Is All-on-6 Dental Implantation Performed?

Each procedure has its own treatment protocol that our doctors are obliged to follow. All-on-6 implants are done in several visits to the doctor. The entire treatment takes no more than ten days. Many clinics promise installation in less time, however, it is important for us to monitor the postoperative condition and recovery of our patients. Here are the main stages of All-on-6 implantation:

The first stage of the procedure is a consultation with a dental implant specialist in our clinic. During this stage, the dentist will evaluate the patient’s dental health, take X-Rays and CT scans of the jawbone, and discuss the treatment options.

Based on the examination of the oral cavity and СT scans, the dentist will create a customised treatment plan that outlines the placement of the dental implants and the type of restoration that will be used. The dentist will determine whether All-on-6 implants are suitable for you at this stage. You will then be assigned a date for your next visit to the dentist, and a date for surgery to place the implants into the bone.

This stage involves the placement of dental implants into the jawbone. The dentist will then insert 6 implants into the bone on which abutments and dental bridges will be placed. If the person has unhealthy teeth or teeth that need to be extracted before the operation, the dentist must remove them. After the surgery, the patient is given a prosthesis that serves as a temporary implant.

After the implants are placed into the bone, the period of fusion between the implant and the bone begins. The success of the operation depends on this stage. In order to ensure a high success rate, the implants are made of titanium.

The advantage of this treatment is that during the healing period (which can last up to 6-8 months), you will not have any problem with the aesthetics of your mouth due to the use of prosthesis. In this case, prostheses are offered to the patient immediately after the surgery, so the patient will walk out of the surgery with a beautiful smile. The only difference between prosthesis and implants is that dentures are usually removable, while implants are inserted once and for life.

At the end of the healing period, the patient returns to Turkey for the placement of the abutments and dental bridges. The abutments serve as connectors between the implants and the final restoration.

The final stage of the procedure involves the placement of the final restoration, which is typically a full-arch dental bridge. The patient will then have a final oral examination and recommendations for caring for the new teeth.

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Benefits and Risks of All-on-6 Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implants Treatment

All-on-6 dental implants offer several advantages over traditional dentures or other tooth replacement options. However, like any dental procedure, they also come with certain risks. Below are some advantages and risks of All-on-6 dental implants in Turkey.

  • Improved Functionality: All-on-6 dental implants provide better stability and support for the prosthetic teeth, which allows for improved chewing and speaking ability.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Your new teeth will be looking and feeling like natural teeth, which can boost confidence and improve self-esteem.
  • Long-Term Solution: All-on-6 dental implants are a long-term solution to missing teeth, with proper care and maintenance they can last a lifetime.
  • Good value for money: All-on-6 dental implants may be more cost-effective than other tooth replacement options such as individual dental implants.
  • Minimally Invasive: The All-on-6 implant procedure is minimally invasive compared to other types of implants, and typically requires only local anaesthesia.
  • Infection: As with any surgery, there is a risk of infection following the All-on-6 dental implant procedure.
  • Nerve Damage: The procedure may cause temporary or permanent nerve damage, leading to numbness or tingling in the mouth.
  • Allergic Reaction: Patients may be allergic to the materials used in the dental implants.

Who is Suitable for All-on-6 Dental Implants in Turkey?

All-on-6 dental implants may be a suitable option for individuals who have lost all or most of their teeth and are looking for a long-term tooth replacement solution. Candidates for All-on-6 dental implants should have good oral health, with healthy gums and sufficient jawbone density to support the implants.

Furthermore, smoking can interfere with the healing process and increase the risk of implant failure, so candidates for All-on-6 dental implants should be non-smokers or willing to quit smoking prior to the procedure. Also, it is important for an ideal candidate for All-on-6 implantation to be in good overall health, with no medical conditions that may interfere with the healing process.

The Dentatur Clinic Is the Best Option For You

Treatment at our clinic is the best solution for you if you dream to get your new permanent smile. First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that our clinic has international quality certificates and a state licence. This gives our patients reasons to trust us and also helps to maintain our reputation in the dental market.

In addition, our entire team does everything they can for the comfort of our patients. We use state-of-the-art technologies to make treatment as quickly as possible and save time for the patient. The use of modern technology also minimises the human factor during treatment.

Last, but not least, all of our staff are fluent in English. We know that this is an important aspect for our foreign clients, and we do our best to make your treatment in our clinic as comfortable as possible. You will definitely not regret choosing our clinic.

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