All-On-Four Dental Implants

What is All-On-Four?

All-On-Four is the method that allows prosthetics to be placed on 4 implants on a toothless jaw on the same day. This method was developed by a maxillofacial surgeon named Dr. Paulo Malo and patented by Nobel Biocare firm. Other firms started to offer the same method under different names.

What are the advantages of All-On-Four?

  • It allows patients with no teeth or damaged teeth to get a new set of teeth (a fixed bridge)  in a matter of a few days. 
  • the treatment is completed in less time and less time, more appropriate method for patients with time concerns. 
  • no bone regeneration procedure is necessary.
  • procedure requires less time
  • the formation of swelling and postoperative pain is minimal.
  • a more appropriate treatment for patients who are unable to use removable prosthetics.
  • a more cost-effective treatment option since fewer implants are used and requires a simple procedure.

Is All-On-Four for every patient?

All-on-four method is not recommended for individuals with uncontrolled systemic conditions. All-on-four is usually applied when there is an inadequate volume of bone in the posterior region of the jaw.

How is All-On-Four made? What are the treatment stages?

Sections, where the bone is suitable for the procedure, are determined by radiological and clinical examinations. Accordingly, a total of four implants are placed in the jawbone at a certain angle and temporary prosthesis is placed on these 4 implants. Patients use this prosthesis for 3 months while implants fuse to the bone. After 3 months, a temporary prosthesis is removed and more aesthetic and durable permanent prosthesis is made following the impressions. 

Can anything be eaten with a temporary prosthesis?

In the 3-month period in which the temporary prosthesis is used, it is not recommended to chew or chop very hard foods. i.e as chopping and chewing a steak poses risk for implants, food such as fish, pasta and rice can safely be consumed in this period.

Is All-On-Four a safe treatment method?

There are adequate studies in the literature on all-on-four. Studies have shown that the success rate of all-on-four is high in the long run.