Dental Treatments in Turkey

Veneers in Turkey: Cost, procedure, aftercare

Dental veneers are thin shells which get attached to the front surface of a patient’s teeth. Most commonly, veneers are used to improve aesthetic appearance of the smile which requires placing them only on the upper teeth. However, a patient may choose to order a whole-mouth set of veneers or place them both on top and bottom front teeth but only in the smile area.

    Empress Veneers in Turkey

    Empress substructure veneers are mostly used on front teeth for aesthetic appearance. It has a high light transmittance due to containing a high percentage of ceramic materials, rather than composite materials, which is the reason why it is easy to achieve a natural looking result.

      Zirconium Crowns in Turkey

      Zirconium crowns can be made on one's own teeth or after implants. After the abrading of the teeth is finished or the recovery period of the implants is completed, the physician firstly takes the necessary measurements from the person.

        Metal Porcelain Crowns in Turkey

        Porcelain teeth crowns, on the one hand, has the aim of performing the oral functions of the person in the best way, on the other hand, it helps to have a tooth appearance close to a flawless appearance and gives an aesthetic smile.

          E-Max Coatings (glass-ceramic coating)

          E-Max crowns/veneers are preferred because they have higher light transmittance than other materials. These coatings are heat-treated and prepared as moulds in various sizes. As the silicate content in their structure is high, they acquire a glassy structure and therefore their light transmittance is increased.

            Dental crowns in Turkey: Cost, Zirconium, Porcelain, E-Max

            Dental crowns are fixed prosthetic restorations fit on specially prepared (grinded) teeth stumps or implants. Dental crown has an anatomical shape of a real tooth and allows restoring chewing and verbal functions.

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