Dental Treatments in Turkey

Sinus lifting in Turkey: Cost, Procedure & Treatment abroad

Sinus lifting is the reconstruction of the bone tissue. The procedure is performed with the use of bone-filling materials which get placed in the maxillary sinuses. Sinus lifting is not a very pleasant intervention but, fortunately, it takes little time. Contemporary means of local anesthesia used in DentaTur medical centers in Antalya, Istanbul, Marmaris, and Fethiye, help patients undergo all the manipulations with minimal discomfort.

    Bone Grafting in Turkey: Cost, Procedure & Treatment Abroad

    The main prerequisite for a secure and durable dental implantation is the availability of a sufficient volume of the bone tissue. If the tooth has been absent for a long time, the bone starts atrophying gradually. This process intensifies after the age of 40. In case the bone tissue volume is not sufficient for performing thorough tooth implantation, the dentists in DentaTur clinics in Turkey (Antalya, Marmaris, Fethiye, Istanbul) are ready to conduct an operation called bone grafting.

      Tooth Extraction in Turkey: Cost & Treatment Abroad

      The dentistry of the 21st century encourages the preservation of the tooth row integrity. However, in certain cases, the only alternative is the tooth extraction. This in-office surgical intervention consists in performing manipulations with jaw-bone tissues when the tooth gets completely removed from its socket.

        Gum Graft Surgery in Turkey: Cost & Treatment Abroad

        Gum graft surgery is nowadays quite a popular oral cavity intervention. Such surgery aims at solving the issues related to gingival recession, which is the process of gum tissue atrophy around one tooth or the whole tooth row.

          Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Turkey: Cost & Treatment Abroad

          Wisdom teeth (third molars) occupy the eighth position in the tooth row, starting from its middle. Such dental units can appear in adolescence, during teenage years, or at a more mature age, while 8 percent of people never develop wisdom teeth.

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